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    Chapter 348 review

    August 24, 2013 by FairyWhiz!

    Genius: Let's finish this so I can eat dinner.

    Everyone: OK

    Genius: Alright!

    ______________________________ So after the fight in chapter 347, Flare talks about her past. After that, Gray became a TOTALLY cute child. Then he went to fight with a guy who was UGLIER than Nikki Manaj. (Did I spell it right?) Next, the war began with the two. Then, I think Ur was talking to him and she was nude! So far, I think that the next chapter will go like this:

    1. Gray wins the battle and is an adult again. I guess...

    2. Erza attemps to fight Minerva even though she is little.

    3. I THINK the demon will appear


    Genius: Ya happy? If not, I'll chop off your head and feed it to the zombies so you will NEVER return.

    Everyone: Um.. Yeah.…

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    Guess what. My cousin, Mikasen101, has joined our wiki. So let's all give her all a warm welcome to this wiki. (Applause fills the air) Before that, let me tell you more about her. She lives in the Philipines, is a TOTAL addict to Shingeki no kyoujin, loves FT like CRAZY! She is so amazing. Ever since we were young, we will sometimes hang out. During freshman year in highschool, we were roomates. My other cousin was in the same school as us too. The three of us are close. Too bad we seperated and I moved away. Nowadays, we usually skype with each other. I can't wait to get back home this year. Also, If YOU even DARE to bully her, I'll be chopping off your head! Ya' got that?! (Crowd begins to get scared) I have my axe right here!:)! (A lot…

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    Yay! New chapter coming up! And there are demons in this chapter. I'm dying to know who is the demon! Like CRAZY!!! Anybody who can tell me here who do you think the demon is? No idea who he is. Just guess randomly,I guess... Anyway, I'll be waiting until Chapter 338 comes out. OK, what the heck, wake me up till d' new chapter comes out! ZZZ... ZZZ...ZZZ. Goodbye, guys. Sorry if the blog entry was short. I have a bunch of tests these next 2 weeks. Sigh..... Goodnight, you guys. It's night here, where I live. Night! I'll be REAL sure to make my next blog entry long! FairyWhiz! (talk)

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    Zeref is back!!!

    July 7, 2013 by FairyWhiz!

    Zeref is back! I can't wait for the next chapter . I wonder what was Zeref and Mavis' relationship 400 or 100 or even 1000 years ago. I also can't wait for the epic batte with Natsu and Zeref . (Obviously Natsu will win.) Anyway, a new arc is gonna start with lots of epic battles and stuff! YAY! :)! I'm a happy woman! SEE YA!

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    Chapter 337 review

    June 30, 2013 by FairyWhiz!

    I just read chapter 337 and I loved it! However Ancologia, did not appear. Good greif! Anyway, next chapter, lets see if any cool stuff happen. yea !!!!!!

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