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    Theory on Tartarus Arc

    November 13, 2014 by FairyVsDark

    Well here I am again. If u could still remember me, I'm the one who created the Light vs Dark thread here (stating who is the strongest in the members of Light against the Evil forces), I'm gonna make again a new thread about these in the future.

    So moving on, I as of the title I'll state my theory about Tartarus arc.

    Just as I'd expected since Sun Village arc when Minerva joined Succubus Eye, I have already the hunch that Jiemma joined Tartarus. and well my hunch is right haha..

    And to put also Igneel vs Acnologia, the battle of the Dragon Kings. I have a feeling that Igneel would die here after saving Natsu from Acnologia when Igneel lost.

    And about E.N.D is Natsu theory is far from truth because if Igneel is the one who wanted to defeat E.N.D…

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  • FairyVsDark



    1) Mavis Vermilion

    2) Makarov Dreyar

    3) Jellal Fernandes

    4) Gildarts Clive

    5) Laxus Dreyar

    6) Jura Neekis

    7) Erza Scarlet

    8) Mirajane Strauss

    9) Natsu Dragneel

    10) Gray Fullbuster


    1) Zeref

    2) Acnologia

    3) E.N.D

    4) Hades

    5) Mard Geer

    6) Future Rogue

    7) Jose Porla

    8) Bluenote Stinger

    9) Sayla

    10) Cobra

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