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    Gajeel vs. Rogue

    February 26, 2013 by FairyTailFreak21

    The fight of Gajeel and Rogue was really unexpected and suspenseful. Gajeel is an iron dragon slayer and Rogue is a shadow dragon slayer, I really didn't expect Rogue to be posessed by a shadow creature and also after that, I was expecting Gajeel to lose because maybe that could be the twist but instead, Gajeel ate Rogue's shadow and turned into an iron shadow dragon slayer. I mean like, wasn't really expected right? And then, the fight is epic, the way Gajeel fought with the posessed Rogue is just, extraordinary. The thing I dislike is when Frosch came to Gajeel and Rogue when the fight was over, in my head, I was like indirectly shouting at Frosch, "You come too late!!" But still, the battle was amazing and suspenseful, the tech…

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