aka Truman

  • I was born on March 11
  • I am Male
  • FairyTailFan

    Come to think of it... wouldn't the attack from the mini-dragon things have passed through her body since it's supposedly made of water?.. so... o_o. Or is there some exception to this?...

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  • FairyTailFan

    So ever since the Grand magic games, I noticed Juvia seems as if she didn't get stronger, but even weaker? For example: Hiro Mashima makes it seem like Juvia and Lucy have about the same magic power. When first introduced Juvia could have easily defeated Lucy. Also when Juvia was fighting Cheria or chelia? she was also portrayed with about the same magic power... I hope Hiro makes her seem stronger later on, like what happened when Juvia fought with Meredy. Because she's one of my favorite characters ;)

    Or is this just me..? o_O

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