Okay people, once again I do not know if this topic's been discussed before, so I want to apologise in advance in case it has. Well, on to the topic...

Wasn't it weird how the Celestial Spirits summoned Lucy and her friends before the tournament, despite knowing that this would cost them irreplaceable time of training? This would be justified if there was something urgent going on, but just a welcome party? Seriously? It does seem a bit suspicious. Except if there is something more to it than what meets the eye... In my opinion, the spirits wanted to warn Lucy about the future. Probably about what awaits her, although even we(the readers) still do not know what this is. Or maybe the guests gained an extra ability, after staying in the spirit world for so essential skill for Lucy, maybe, in order to complete the ritual and bring back the dragons. If that's not the case, doesn't it seem suspicious to you why all the spirits would be so dumb as to make some of the strongest fairy tail mages lose so much valuable training time? To strengthen this argument, some of the celestial spirit king's quotes sound suspicious. They are:

  • Old friend, we will always be with you (to Lucy)
  • May the divine protection of the stars watch over you! (to Lucy and co.)

And, finally, some lyrics of Lyra's song:

  • My old friends, I can see you, you are right there- Resembling Levy's words (when I close my eyes, I can still see it all, Lu-chan...or something like that).
  • Let's make our way through the broad wide land into the future with tears - Go on no matter how hard it is...maybe preparing the fairy tail members for the death of someone in the near future? Or for their numerous defeats in the tournament?
  • I'll have the sweetest smile, just to sing a song for you-Lucy singing in Carla's vision.

However, there are some questions remaining. They are the following:

  • Why did the spirits decide not to take Jet and Droy along? And why did they take Levy, who was never a main character? I think it's because she is going to play a part in the upcoming episodes, so she may need the spirits' strength (appearing in Carla's vision and saying stuff like "to my beloved Lucy" or saying "when I close my eyes, I still remember it all..."something's going to happen and involve her too). But still, why were those two not chosen? Also, why did other main characters, like Gajeel or Elfman, did not go? They could go through the same therapy as well.
  • Did they give any extra abilities to the characters, and especially to Lucy, due to the trial that awaits her?
  • I had thought of a third one...well, it'll soon come back to me.

That's all! What do you guys think about the welcoming party the spirits gave to Lucy and her friends? Post your thoughts Below! *flies away on Acnologia*

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