Hey everyone, that's my first blog post on this wiki so forgive me if this subject's been discussed before. It has to do with spells that are given to users by another person, and most of them fade after they are used once. Such spells are Uranometria and Fairy Glitter, for instance. However those spells are covered by many mysteries that have yet to be revealed! For example, let's discuss Lucy's Uranometria first. It was given to her by Hibiki in order to defeat Angel. Some questions about this spell are:

  • Why was Lucy special to the point of Hibiki entrusting the use of this spell to her only? Does it have to do with Lucy's role in the forthcoming events in the fairy tail manga? Or is it simply a stellar mage-only spell?
  • If not, was Hibiki able to use that spell? If yes, then how did he get the archive of this spell and by whom?
  • Lucy looked like she was in a trance while chanting the first time she used the spell. After she defeated Angel, she was also confused about her victory. So that led us to assume that she did not remember using the spell. However, in the grand magic games she re-used it! How did she learn about it again?
  • I imagined everyone and especially Natsu to go like "OMG WTF Lucy can use other types of magic other than stellar spirit magic! Why/How?" But noone seemed surprised with Lucy (almost) using that spell at all. Why is that?
  • I think I remember Hibiki saying that she could use it "just this once". How did she acquire the spell for a lifetime?

Ok, now for Cana's Fairy Glitter...

  • It is one of the three exclusive spells to fairy tail members, and one of the strongest spells out there, probably. However, why is it considered so strong? Fairy Sphere, for example, protects fairy tail members from all dangers and Fairy Law eliminates all fairy tail's opponents. However, Fairy Glitter can only target one opponent, so what makes it that useful? There are various spells that can destroy one target.
  • What exactly does it cause the opponent? The first time it failed, and the second one it hit a machine so we cannot know for sure.
    Fairy Glitter Anime
  • Why does Cana lose the spell right after she uses it? For example, Makarov and Laxus can use Fairy Law without losing it (at least Makarov). So why does Cana lose Fairy Glitter? Is it because she is not master-level yet? If that's the case, then the second time she used it she would have the strength to keep it... Or is Fairy Glitter always lost after one use?
  • If Fairy Glitter can only be used once, then why did Bluenote spend so much time looking for it?
  • Wasn't Mavis' body an Ethereal one? How can she "lend spells" around? It was different at her grave than it was the second time she entrusted Fairy Glitter to Cana...
  • Finally, why did Fairy Glitter make Cana's magic more powerful than that of a Wizard Saint's? Sure, it is Fairy Glitter, but from Cana's fight with Bluenote it was made obvious that is has to do more with the caster of the spell than the spell itself. So, does that mean that Cana's magical power is more than Jura's?

Ok, that's all with the questions! Some may not make sense, but oh well...I did the best I could for a first post. See ya around!

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