Fairy Tail Wiki, hello! As you guys know I didn't have the chance to make a review this week again, so instead of that, I decided to make a blog post dedicated solely on the possible matchups between Fairy Tail, and Zeref's empire. Why I do this, you ask? I have a lot of free time today so why the hell not ( ._.)

What we know

Cover 446

Possible matchups according to cover 446

If you guys remember Tartaros (or previous arcs), Mashima usually spoils most of the matchups in some chapter covers. However, I don't think that's the case here, excluding Natsu and Erza, who will most probably fight the respective opponents above them. In this case, I think the dialogue in chapter 452 is more spoilery than the cover image. Of course Gray may end up fighting the Feminine Ice Mage, Natsu could probably one-shot Ajeel, Makarov might even end up fighting August etc.

However I don't think this is what's gonna happen.

Whenever Fairy Tail is up against opponents hyped up to be much stronger (Grimmoire Heart, OS), it usually takes many fighters to bring down a single opponent rather than fighting one-on-one. And before you say "BUT RAVEN TARTAROS WAS AN EXCEPTION YOU KNOW NOTHING", let me tell you, dear reader, that it wasn't, and also stfu ಠ_ಠ

Natsu, Lucy + Happy defeated Franmalth together. Natsu may have done most of the heavy lifting, but he couldn't do it alone.
Gajeel wouldn't defeat Torafuzar without Levy.
Similarly Mirajane wouldn't defeat Sayla without ElfmanBUT THIS SUCKS SMH
Erza may have almost defeated Kyouka by herself, but Minerva landed the final hit.
Mard Geer was beaten by Natsu + Gray, and Jiemma by the Twin Dragons.

To conclude, only 4 fights were one-on-one-ish, which were Gray vs. Silver, Juvia vs. Keyes, Lucy vs. Jackal and Wendy vs. Ezel.

But on to the point. The fights!

Possible Matchups


Most possible opponent: Natsu, easily.Do I even have to explain why?

Other participants: Throw in some Acnologia and it all becomes an epic threesome.

Wildcard choice: In case it's not Natsu or Acnologia, I'm inclined to say Mavis because tragic love.

Brandish μ

Brandish warns Fairy Tail

If Erza stupidly beats her I'll be mad

Most possible opponent: Okay, I gave this some thought. I'd hate to see a repeat of Erza's countless lame recent fights, especially after a character I'm quite fond of, like Brandish. However, I'm 100% certain that Erza will fight her, but not alone. In fact I doubt any Fairy Tail character will face an opponent by himself.

Other participants: Two choices. One is Minerva, because she and Erza share a certain bond, and also because a fight between two Space Magic users would be EPIC AS HELL! If it's not Minerva, then the one to assist Erza would be Wally and Sho. They'd probably be ideal to keep Marin Hollow busy, trapping each other in their own dimension and shit.

Wildcard choice: If Erza does not end up fighting Brandish, then it just has to be the entirety of Sabertooth. I'really need to see a fight between Minerva and Brandish ( ._.)

Dimaria Yesta

Dimaria summons Brandish

Anyone else loving her?

Most possible opponent: I know people say Dimaria will fight Erza, but honestly this would suck. We've had the "fight of the swordswomen" many times before in the past (Erza vs. Ikaruga, Erza vs. Erza, Erza vs. Kagura) and I honestly don't think there's anything left to see. What I THINK will happen is Erza will meet Dimaria, but then Kagura will come to continue the fight.

Other participants: She'll probably be assisted by Millianna and the rest of Mermaid Heel because guild power ( ._.)

Wildcard choice: Erza. It would suck, but it still exists as a possibility.

Wildcard choice #2: Lucy. Imagine her losing terribly and then using Star Dress: Celestial Spirit King, and making this an epic samurai lady fight!!!

Ajeel Lamur

Sand Golem

Impressive as this may be... he doesn't stand a chance.

Most possible opponent: I feel like Ajeel will be this arc's Jackal, used merely to show the growth of another character. I would like to see Juvia fighting him, for two reasons; first, she needs a fight that doesn't involve Gray. Second, I think she counters his Magic nicely, turning sand to mud and thus preventing him from using it.

Other participants: BUT what I'd like to see is Max + other minor Fairy Tail members also helping out. It has close to 0 chance of happening, but it would be cool.

Wildcard choice: Jura + Hoteye, because EPIC EARTH FIGHT!

Wildcard choice #2: Wendy + Chelia + Carla. I just have a feeling.


Most possible opponent: Gray, easily. Mashima doesn't usually overthink Gray's opponents, he just gives him the most obvious ones. Besides he'll probably be involved with E.N.D. later in the arc anyway, so he gives him something simple for starters.

Other participants: Lyon, and MAYBE Granny Ultear will also join the frame to save their asses. BECAUSE EPIC ICE FIGHT!!!

Wildcard choice: Juvia, in case this guy hurts Gray.


August welcomes Zeref

Old guy epic as hell

Most possible opponent: Despite most people screaming JELLAL! or GILDARTS! at him, I think the Dreyar Family will fight him. I can imagine Makarov fighting him in a suicide mission, fail, MAYBE die, and then Laxus + his team stepping up and defeating him. I DON'T want to see this guy defeated by Laxus mainly because he's just too OP, but I think it may happen, mainly because Makarov, and because his barrier stopped Laxus' thunder.

Other participants: Lightning God Tribe, because Laxus.

Wildcard choice: All guild Masters. All of them.

Wahru Ihyto

Most possible opponent: Strauss family. All this talk about "sins" just screams Mirajane for me (also the antithesis between first and last name, like the antithesis of Mira being a good person but turning into demons). I don't know, it just seems like an appealing choice.

Other participants: Cana. Because ever since Phantom Lord she always seems to have an important role, fight-wise or not, and also because she's got a strong bond with the Strausses.

Wildcard choice #1: Lucy and I don't even know why.

Wildcard choice #2: Quatro Cerberus. Out of all those guys, if they were to fight someone,it would be this one.

God Serena

God Serena


Most possible opponent: Wizard Saints 2-4. It makes sense, right?

Other participants: Gajeel, Lily and Levy, because they were councilmen(and woman).

Wildcard choices: Alternatively, it could be Jellal + CS, or Gildarts. Or even the Dreyars, if he turns out to be Yury. So many ideas for this one.

Marin Hollow

Most possible opponent: One-shot by Erza. Not that hard to imagine.

Other participants: As I said before, Wally and Sho kind of makes sense.

Wildcard choice: Cana! She also knows how to trap people in other dimensions after all, and also Card Magic is not Dimension Magic.


We've yet to see around 5 Spriggan, so I'm sure CS, Jellal, Blue Pegasus, and basically everyone of importance will be involved in a fight. I don't think ANY fight will be one-on-one, except maybe Natsu vs. Zeref. That said, I'm sure many of you guys have different ideas, and I'm seriously all ears because it's so fun predicting things like that.

Oh, also once we get to know the other Spriggan, this blog will be updated so stay around!

What do you think of the predictions?

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