Chapter 338: The Super Dance Festival

Cover 338


So this chapter is, mostly, a "filler" chapter from the actual plotline. Like after every big fight, our favorite Mages decide to relax for a few chapters, and this is one of them.

So, basically, every character we got to know in this arc except Minerva appears in this dance festival. In the first colored page, we see Yukino, Lucy, Wendy and the Strauss sisters getting ready for the ball. Then we see the new, magnificent, sexy and overall awesome cover (WOW, DAT LUCY'S ASS!!!!)

Elfman, who looks like Dracula, Gray, who is naked as usual, Gajeel, who is surprisingly formal, and Erza appear right after the girls. Then there's a parade of many characters we met in the past. To our misfortune, Ichiya decides to appear as well. We see some Cana x Bacchus, Quatro Cerberus, Mermaid Heel (I've gotta admit that womanly Kagura is pretty damn fine *^* and damn, Milianna is still mopping around) as well as the masters (thankfully we cannot see Bob very clearly). Then, we see a Hisui/Lucy scene, as she confesses to Lucy that her father was a friend of her family.

Now, on to the Gray/Juvia scene. Gray who wore his clothes again is approached by Juvia 2.0, who has gotten prettier, but also creepier. It's also the first time that Gray tells her straight out that he doesn't love her... he just straight out rejected her >_> that's something I wasn't expecting. Meh, not really a fan of the couple, since I always found it a bit creepy. I guess that this is what he wanted to tell her when he was killed the first time. The good thing; it looks like Lyon stopped chasing after her.

Time for some Lolicon action!! The Wendy, Chelia and Mavis scene was really funny and cute in a way xD but it seems like Chelia can feel Mavis' aura, even though she isn't a FT member. Interesting. We see Laxus surrounded by a bunch of girls, Fried being all jealous, and some other characters, all wondering where the hell Natsu is at a time like this.

We see a whole new Kagura when she blushes, hugs Erza and calls her a sister >_> she looks like a typical female anime character, but I can't pick my hand on it yet. Milianna also manages to stop being emo when Erza gives her some toys exceeds to play with. Looks like Sting is also ready for some bonding time with his past-enemy, Natsu, along with Lector, but they can't find him either. Rogue and Frosch also appear, and Rogue seems to aknowledge the fact that the guy who attacked them and summoned the Dragons was his future self. Also, he finally stops hiding his other eye >_>

Sting has become awfully cheerful and drunk, but he looks sane when Yukino approaches him. He tells her that our favorite Minerva-sama and her ass of a father have gone missing, so they'll rebuilt ST from the beginning and he asks her back. However, A WILD KAGURA APPEARS and tells him that she'll take Yukino. That'll be nice, I almost forgot those two interacted with each other in the past :) but it becomes a triple threat when FT also claims her. Then it just becomes ridiculous because every guild wants her.

I say she remains a free agent.

What got me disappointed is that we still do not see Mermaid Heel's master, even when all of them choose to rumble for Yukino. Anyways, Yukino is happy that finally people like her and she smiles. This is the moment that Arcadios announces that the king will appear. LOL jk, a wild kingly Natsu appears with the crown on his head and makes a ruckus, as usual. I'm happy we also saw the Garou Knights, I short of missed them :)

So, all in all, VERY nice and funny chapter, and full of fanservice. I know it's rarely that I do that, but I gotta hand it a 10/10 for a second time in a row. In this blog, I'll also upload the other two chapters' reviews when they arrive. So stay tuned!

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 338
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 10/10

Chapter 339: The Starfrost Essence

Cover 339

Mashima, Y U NO make those girls regulars to the manga?

This one was a very emotional, touching and sweet chapter :) I really liked it. It was also a good setup for future chapters.

But first things first....DAT SECOND COVER!!!!!!! Mashima, you earned my respect again :P we see a bunch of background girls, some as Hisui, Kagura, Milianna and even Flare being all sexy. Then we FINALLY see Jellal and Meredy again. They are looking for Ultear. I was waiting to see their reaction when they saw her dead body, but I guess they won't... you'll see ಠυಠ

Anyway, Doranbolt appears in front of Meredy and Jellal and has a talk with them. But first...we have to bear with a scene of Lahar and Org, two of the most boring characters of this manga >_>

Looks like the Dragon King Festival was covered up as an event with Dragon illusions. I'm so disappointed! When something epic and badass happens, the world is always trying to cover it up >_> we've also seen this happen in other mangas like One Piece or Naruto.

It looks like Doranbolt is not entirely useless, as he now used his Memory Altering Magic to convince everyone that the Dragon event was an illusion. He even cast it on Lahar, so good job there Bolty! I wouldn't be surprised if I saw him going to a Dark Guild in the future >_> first in the Magic Council, then allying with a troublesome guild and now Crime Sorcière...well, I still think he is an awesome character, because he is not a mindless puppet of the government, like his douche friend >__>

Now on to one of the best parts of the chapter. Cobra. At first I thought that this guy was set free for nothing, especially since he chose to quietly return back to his prison. However, he warns Bolty about what he heard. He said that he saved the other 6 Mages. Does he mean the Dragon Slayers? Also, how did he save them?

He also says that "The Gate to Hades" will open. Does he mean the Grimoire Heart ex-Master? >_> No, he does not. He means....*drum roll*

THE DARK GUILD, TARTAROS!!! It looks like me, and everyone else who voted for that option in the previous poll, was right. Tartaros has begun to move. I am looking forward to them appearing :3

But anyway...time for the best part of the chapter! As Jellal and Meredy walk around discussing Tartaros and looking for Ultear, an old woman approaches them and gives them a letter. I knew it was Ultear's even before they opened it. Ultear basically says goodbye to Meredy and Jellal, and tells them to live and fight to the fullest to the upcoming fights in the future. I was expecting some more reactions from Jellal and Meredy, but then the scene switches to...

Grandma Ultear

Granny Ultear :)

Team Natsu returning home! To me, this bit was kinda irrelevant at first, but it all ties up well in the end :) Anyway, they have some chit-chat, until Gray sees that old woman. Gray saw how uncanny the similarity between her and Ultear was, and finally understood that it was her who saved him. He then cries, as she chose to follow her mother's path and give her life to save him. Ultear claims that she has finally been reborn and is happy to have her sins erased. She finally forgave herself.

And that was the second FT chapter. A very beautiful one, and also a nice setup for the future :) I give this 10/10 as well!

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 339
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 10/10

Chapter 340: Gift

First of all, gotta appreciate the cover art. Sabertooth looks so badass with its core members as rock stars!...Well, that's all ( ._.) time to review the last one. Today was a pretty exhausting day when it comes to wiki-working and reviewing.

Guess who's back in this triple set of chapters...yeah, Twillight Ogre >_> those idiots had a change of hearts and became FT supporters now. Their master, Banaboster, is the one to welcome our favorite Mages back to Magnolia. All the Mages start celebrating...each in theiw own way. Gray keeps being an ass to Juvia, this time because of Ultear. Guess who else returns in this chapter??? That's right! Lucy's fugly landlady! For some reason, while writing this, I thought that she would make an awesome pairing with Ichiya... ewwww >_> feel free to punch me after this.

Anyway...everyone gets the respect they deserve, contradicting their treatment in this world in the past. It also appears Natsu stole took the King's crown as a reward, along with the trophy for coming first in the GMG. Everyone parties hard(even Gray manages to smile) and then the Mayor calls Makarov and announces to him that they built a new guild building for Fairy Tail, very much like the first thing, before it was wrecked >_> Makarov cries manly tears of joy, and then we see again this mischievous little thing that hanged out with Raven Tail in the GMG. From this point onward, the chapter changes dramatically from its cheerful and emotional tone.

This little guy reaches and sits on Zeref's arm. That's right, Zeref finally appears. And guess who is with him? MAVIS is. It looks like the two of them share a history, just like most of us had speculated in the past. However, Zeref cannot see her...probably because he is not a FT member.

The two discuss human nature. Zeref basically says that after 7 years he reached the conclusion that humans are incapable of loving others, while Mavis disagrees. Zeref then says that, since the world's rejecting him, he will deny the world, leaving harmony and degeneration to it as a parting gift. When Mavis asks him if there will be a war again, Zeref just says that he will completely destroy the world and it will all be one-sided destruction. However, Mavis tells him that FT will be there to stop him.

This was yet another interesting chapter. I've been longing to see Zeref for a long time now, so that was good. However, we barely saw any progress, other than Zeref and Mavis saying stuff we already knew, and we didn't see what kind of connection Zeref had with Mavis or Natsu.

Speculation: My personal theory is that Zeref will team up with Tartaros, the only remaining dark guild of the alliance, and open the Gates of Hades, which, similar to the Gates of Eclipse with Dragons, will allow the Demons to arrive in Fiore. However, this chapter can take many theories, so stop being lazy bastards that only read reviews and add your damn theories in the comments ಠ_ಠ

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 340
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 8/10

BTW, who's a lame villain NOW? Obito rules >:D Bleach was kinda...disturbing >_> and I rofl'd in the last pages of One Piece ;D seeing another reference to Montblanc Norland was nice as well. All in all, GREAT MANGA WEEK! What are your thoughts? Post a comment below :)

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