Hello there, wiki! I'm back for another quick review for chapter 470.

Erza in the cover, being sexy and shit. You know, the usual.

As for the chapter, the Wizard Saints lay defeated, but not really; they ambush Serena with their ultimate Magics, but turns out Serena was not even serious when he almost killed them.

Also I'm wondering what his "God Bye Bye" spell does

He then attacks then with some Dragon Slayer techniques of different elements, including Earth, Wind, Water and Purgatory. Nice!!!

I do wonder what's the difference between Sky and Wind Dragon Slayer though. As for Serena? Well, he consumed 8 different Dragon Slayers, and "Hybrid Theory" is probably what his magic's called. August adds that Serena is loved by the Dragon God (probably why he is called God himself) but Serena says there are no Dragons OR Gods now.

Wait a minute. Would a disciple of the Dragon God know Dragon Slayer Magic or God Slayer Magic? ( ._.)

Just when Warrod looks like he's about to do something epic, freakin' Acnologia appears and pulls an Igneel on Serena, seemingly killing him off, or at least gravely injuring him.

...And there goes the hype ( ._.)

If Serena really is out of the equation, I think it is a wrong move on Mashima's part. He is one of the most hyped characters in the arc who easily defeated the strongest Wizard Saints' power combined. We knew just how strong Acnologia was, we didn't need to see Serena's one-shot to know that. Given Serena's defeat as well as the other Saints', removing so many strong Mages at once definitely feels like a GMG-level fiasco is incoming, though I do hope I'm wrong >_>

The Good

  • Serena's type Magic.
  • August being cool.
  • Warrod being badass I suppose?
  • Serena effortlessly slaying (literally) the Wizard Saints

The Bad

Everything after Acnologia appeared.

Final Verdict

Remove the last 3 pages and it's a really good chapter showcasing just how strong Serena is. Now it's just... meh.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 470
Art 10/10
Story 5/10
Fight 9/10
Chapter 5/10
How do you feel about Serena's defeat?

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How about the Wizard Saints?

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As for Bleach, yay I guess for Ishida backstory and Ichigo appearance? And One Piece! Sanji is a prince and pulled a Nami/Robin by leaving the crew! What do you think about this week's manga? Let me know in the comments!

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