Hello everyone and a happy new year! And what a first chapter for the new year this was! Let's start at the beginning.

The Sky Sisters on da cover, though my expression is fairly similar to Carla's, IDGAFing about it ( ._.)

We see Lamia Scale & Mermaid Heel facing off against Alvarez. Lyon, Toby, Arania, Ooba, Chelia all do pretty well, until Badmann or whatever starts sending missiles towards them, which, expectedly, Kagura cuts through.

I want to see more Milianna and Yuuka in action though. There, I said it.

BUT this may come later, because for now, Kagura faces off against Dimaria, which was also kind of expected. Looks like Dimaria is a lesbian or a bisexual because she gets pretty hot about almost every woman she sees ( ._.) aaaaand we also have the mandatory stripping of the chapter, with Dimaria cutting through Kagura's clothes!


I could see it coming from a mile away and I'm judging you Hiro! Not many things changed with the new year, right? Anyway, I guess that leaves Lyon to fight Badmann, which is too bad because he's a perfect opponent for Gajeel. He produces machina, which Gajeel then consumes! Sounds awesome, right?

Anyway, back to Lucy, Cana & Brandish who have moved to Porlyusica's house to allow her to heal. I like how Cana is not above torturing Brandish or is not too friendly to her :P makes her more realistic, considering what Alvarez wants to do to them. Meanwhile, Brandish plays nice and says that if they remove the magic cuffs, she'll tell Lucy everything she knows about Layla, to which she agrees, with the other two leaving them alone.

So here's the connection; Brandish. is the daughter of one of the three disciples of Layla. While Zoldeo got Capricorn and Spetto got Cancer, Grammy (like the award?) got Aquarius. Then, according to Brandish, Layla had Grammy killed to get Aquarius' key back for Lucy.

Am I the only one who thinks this doesn't make sense? I mean, did she kill Spetto as well to get Cancer? Also, if she wanted the key for Lucy, why give it to Grammy in the first place? ( ._.) I guess we need more explanations.

Anyway, as Brandish attacks Lucy and tearfully apologizes for having to kill her, we get some very "subtle" shots of water gathering at their feet, and then AQUARIUS appears and saves Lucy!!! That was subtle, right?


Don't get me wrong, I love that we're seeing Aquarius again. She's all kinds of badass. I still want to know why she crossed the gate and how, though. Can she now go through it voluntarily? And why not Loke, or Virgo, who can cross the gate anyway? Is she planning on explaining the circumstances of Grammy's death? I guess we'll soon know!

The Good

  • Mermaid Heel + Lamia Scale!
  • Kagura and Lyon being badass, but the other Mages also helping.
  • Badmann and Dimaria were also great!
  • We finally learned what Brandish has against Lucy's family.

The Bad

  • I want to see the average named mages do something badass as well ( ._.)
  • Some things about Brandish' story don't make sense and need to be further explained.
    • Same for Aquarius being able to cross gates all of a sudden.

Final Verdict

New Year began with a pretty strong chapter! Let's hope it continues like this!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 467
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 8/10
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