Yoooo~ how are you wiki? Seeing as nobody has made a review on the just released chapter, I thought "what the heck, it's been too long". A review had to be made, so here you all go.

SABERTOOTH IN THE COVER OMG. Minerva is a goddess as always. The rest look good too I suppose ;D

Invel's bitch face after Zeref's "death" tho xD I found it really funny. However,it looks like he is still alive, just... missing an arm? is this supposed to be an Igneel parallel? I think so.

Then, we have the huge reveal.


Oops, I mixed the franchises again. My bad.

More reveals follow that one, i.e. that Igneel was unable to kill E.N.D. because he loved him, and that Mard Geer in fact was stupid enough to believe a stupid book led him create all those Demons, when in fact he created them himself. So E.N.D. never was Tartaros' master, it was always Mard Geer himself ( ._.)



So then Zeref proves his point by attacking the book and Natsu also feeling the damage. Does that also mean that Natsu is dusty and dirty as fuck? :P He also explains that Igneel and Metallicana taught their kids DS Magic in order for them to defeat Acnologia. Sting, Rogue and Wendy were also included in that.

On an unrelated note, Rogue as a little kid looks way too funny! Must be the lack of hair.

...So, does that mean the other guys are 400+ years old? I'm not sure, I think I need the better translation for that. However, what I did understand is that the Dragons wanted to travel to the future because they were getting weaker.

So, Anna, who is in fact also a CS Mage, sent them to the future, and Layla opened the gates for them in X777. Phew, that was confusing. Anyway, Zeref them tells him that in case he dies, Natsu dies too. He still insists to kill him, but Happy stops him in an emotional moment, and takes him back to the guild. GOOD JOB HAPPY, YOU DA MVP!

The Good

  • All those reveals. I still need to process them.
  • Happy!

The Bad

A plot hole almost came to mind concerning past chapters but I need to think about it better.

Final Verdict

A much needed, very spoiler chapter!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 465
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 5/10
Chapter 9/10
Who is Anna?

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Will Natsu tell the others what he knows?

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As for other manga, One Piece was mediocre this time around, but Bleach was awesome, mainly because I always liked Kira! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! Raven out.

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