Hey guys! So this was a pretty dividing and controversial chapter, in the way that some people loved it, some hated it and most were okay with it.

I like this type of covers that let us know exactly how the battlefield is developed at the moment. I don't we've had those since the GMG arc. Kinda nostalgic.

So, Natsu once again displays maturity, in case you guys missed it 3 chapters ago. Love Happy's reaction as well! Could it be of significance that Natsu's opponent claims to love his scarf? I'm curious about that. Carla kicks ass with the occasional pantyshot, Wendy kicks ass with the occasional upskirt, yada yada... and Gajeel fights Yareem, who appears to use an ink-like substance to fight. At least that's what it looks like.

Meanwhile, Gray+Juvia have a hard time against "a fraction of a fraction of the enemy forces", as Gray very well puts it, until the Strauss siblings save the day. Elfman and Lisanna don't do anything noteworthy, BUT Mirajane possesses Seilah's form to order all the soldiers to fall asleep.

I don't think I liked this very much tbh. I mean sure, it was useful, and seeing Seilah in some form again is nice, but I really wanted to see another Satan Soul, and instead we got a Seilah knock-off. I wanted to see something kickass that would destroy all those troops easily rather than force them to forfeit. Also, did she save other Demons that did not seem to be really dead, like Jackal or Franmalth? After all the hype Mirajane got for her level of strength now, I hope this is not all she can now do. Also, lol at Gray's reaction about Mira stealing the body. You know he's right :P and also at Mira for acting all cutesy in Seilah's body.

Oh, also, since when Mira copies exactly the form of the Demon she is using? I thought she just took on features of the Demons, not their complete appearance.

Wahru Ihito is interested in fighting Mira, CALLED IT ;D

It is nice to see side characters like Max and Warren get character development and evolve in just a few panels. It really adds to the story showing how different characters react to the same devastating event.

The next part of the chapter tho...are you kidding me?


I thought the Yakdoriga fanservice in Tartaros was uncalled for. I thought the torture fanservice in Avatar arc was tasteless. Now Lucy being forced to strip with the threat of her town of her friends being destroyed is something I also dislike. It's just shameless fanservice for the sake of shameless fanservice. Meh. I just hope something good comes out of this. I'm really interested to see what Brandish sees in Lucy. Could she have known her (or her mother)? I guess we'll find out.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 456
Art 10/10
Story 7/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 6/10
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