Hey guys, missed me? I figured I'd make a review this time, for old times' sake, since I liked this chapter so much ;D let's get on with it.

Cana on the cover. That woman is seriously the sexiest one in FT <3

So we have the typical Fairy Tail feast with the group having retrieved Makarov, and he becomes the 8th now. I feel like he should have given that role to Erza or Laxus, but whatever ( ._.)

Freed, or should I say Mirajane 2.0, likes bartending. Okay. Laxus was also an entertainer...yeah, can't see that. You can also see Max being Max and shoving broomsticks up his ass. Good times.

Lucy then has a monologue that ends somewhat ominously, with her saying that she wanted to be happy with everyone, and that "at THAT time that was her only wish", which means her wish changes. Does she learn something about her mother that gives her more reasons to fight? The end of the chapter suggests that but we'll get to that later.

Makarov annoys me because he still acts like a crybaby that needs to be pampered by his "children", but thankfully Natsu's inspiring speech (one of the few that I actually liked, because it made sense and because the art was excellent) brings him back to his epic self.

Also, Natsu says "everyone" will help them so as long as the translation is good, perhaps we'll see some fan favorites from the GMG arc!

Also, Mirajane says she trained a lot this last year, which I'm particularly excited about. Lisanna saying they're super strong.... ( ._.) I sure hope so Lisanna, I really do. But somehow I doubt it.

Then, a wild Mavis appears, probably in her real body, saying she'll explain her relationship with Zeref, her sin, as well as Fairy Heart and "The One Magic", which catches Lucy's attention. Man, that last page was epic as hell!!!

The Good

  • Everything? A sweet easygoing chapter with a hell of a cliffhanger.
    • Particularly everything involving Lucy. I think she will be a key character to the plot and usually I'm not wrong.
  • Mira is even stronger!
  • broomstick!Max
  • Epic Makarov is back!

The Bad

  • None that I can think of.

Final Verdict

Excellent chapter, and the next one is about something we've all been wanting to see for ages; Zeref's relationship with Mavis and the One Magic, both at once. I wonder if Layla plays any part in any of this. Anyway, super excited, and I'm sure next chapter will deliver.

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As for other mangas...this week there were none ;D what did you think about Fairy Tail tho? Let me know in the comments!

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