Gray on da cover, doing... something Ice-Makey ( ._.) dunno. Meh.

Am I the only one who thinks that Mest on the second page looks like a woman? >_> Did he get more feminine or is it just me? Anyway, we learn that Warrod is the mastermind behind the council's revival. Anyway, they all plan on attacking Arbaless or whatever it's called, but Erza, being the only sensible one in the group, suggests that they have a plan.

I guess this chapter explains why Erza is Master and no one else is. Her leadership skills are showing. I disagree with her next decision though; she says that only the present members will go, because the rest of them deserve some happiness at the guild. Really? Not even Mira or Gajeel or Cana or Juvia or Warren who have really useful skills? That's kind of stupid.

Anyway, Erza tells Natsu to not pick unecessary fights, and her face when she insists is gold xD same for Juvia thinking Cana drank Gray or her fantasies about Graylu.

Guess what tho? All the afformentioned minus Warren create the B TEAM, designed to tail Laxus!! Clear GMG reference, and I must say I like it :P But who will lead the guild? Elfman? Lisanna? There's no one really capable left... ( ._.)

Also, Levy goes to the council and with her aid Fairy Tail's officially back in business! Also Warren is his usual self, whatever this means. We also finally meet the other gods of Ishgar! Wolfheim knows some sort of Take Over Magic and Hyperion is calmer and smarter by the looks of it but doesn't reveal his Magic. He looks really interesting though. Number 1 is someone who apparently once was the strongest Mage of the continent, named Serena. I can't wait to meet her, she sounds pretty formidable :P

Except she is actually he, and he is a traitor >__> I smell a Silver situation though. Also, could Serena actually be Yury? I think so. Maybe he used an incomplete Fairy Law too, who knows? Also, this time there are 12 foes, after the 9 Demon Gates, so things are bound to get interesting soon!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 440
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 8/10
Who's your favorite God of Ishgar?

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Team A or Team B?

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Overall good week for the mangas, Bleach was pretty good and we're about to get some backstory. Naruto Gaiden was okay, though Sasuke really confuses me...One Piece was on a break, and the last episode of Game of Thrones was released! What did you think about this week's manga? Let me know in the comments!

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