We have a comical cover with Natsu and Happy back in their home in Magnolia.

There's a reverse countdown again, like back in the Eclipse arc, which is nice! Now it's five days before FT's return, when I guess something epic will happen. The chapter begins with Lucy bathing, and I'm sure the gang will be in her living room when she gets out.

Yep, there they are :P Natsu and Happy sitting there, eating stuff. When Lucy attempts to kick him though, Natsu doesn't fall for it and holds her upside down, before the tower falls and we have a nice view of Lucy's ass and sidetitties. That's rude Natsu >_> you invade her home, she has every right to kick your ass and you don't get to fight back.

Oh, also they've got work to do, which is bring the guild back. Reedus creating a wanted poster for Makarov was a funny bit :P and meanwhile, the rumors about Juvia and Gray have gone wid, with some even going as far as to say that they have kids together o that Gray is cheating on her with Lucy.

Also, Lisanna and Elfman trained on waiting tables (Elfman went through some real training as well). Good for them I guess? Meanwhile Levy Wendy and Lily deal with getting permission from council, which should be no biggie for them and FINALLY, they talk about who the 7th master will be.

I vote for Macao, all the others are basic bitches compared to him :P Anyway, a typical brawl begins between Natsu, Elfman, Gray and soon all the others, and the bit with Gajeel shouting to everyone that they're arrested was really funny. I love this guy after the timeskip!

Anyways, Erza puts all the bitches back in place, and Mira names her the 7TH GUILD MASTER!' Funny, because in my last week's poll this was the least popular option :P

But that's not all, A WILD MEST GRYDER APPEARS telling them that now that the 7th Master was appointed, they must save Makarov! Whatever could he mean?

The Good

  • Erza as Master is pretty good I guess.
  • The humor.

The Bad

  • Natsu being a dick >_>
  • Lisanna looks like just a cheerleader now.

Final Verdict

Pretty good chapter, but just a setup one. A good setup, but still a setup :P

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 438
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 8/10

Fairy Tail Zero 11: That Which Disappears

Zeira in the cover! We have Yury waking up from his trance and searching for Mavis, with everyone being secretive and not talking about what's wrong with her, before revealing that her body will not grow anymore. This answers why Mavi' size remains so small in the current timeline! Could this be why Makarov shrunk too? He used Fairy Law before fully mastering it? :P

So the rest of the chapter is Mavis/Yury friendship and it's really nice. Yury swears to protect Mavis and her dreams, and then says a weird quote about them being friends despite age and gender :P

And then, there's the big reveal of the chapter: Zeira is in fact an illusion. Yep, that's right. Mashima hid very skillfully Zeira's condition, but now we know for certain that it's an illusion only Mavis can see.

Who is the next character you want to see?

The poll was created at 10:42 on June 1, 2015, and so far 122 people voted.
Which did you prefer?

The poll was created at 10:42 on June 1, 2015, and so far 115 people voted.

As for other manga, I finally kept up with Yamada and the 7 Witches both in anime and in manga, and it is pretty good :P I'm particularly interested to know why he was chosen with his ability. Naruto was okay but Sasuke is the biggest douche of a father there is, and also I can't believe we haven't seen Ino or Hinata at all >_> Bleach was nice, and the plot has finally picked up in pace, to the point that I enjoy it as much as I did in the past. One Piece was good too, but I really need this arc to end :P and for Doflamingo to do some more shit before he goes down. Tokiwa Kitareri!...I've not read yet, but I suspect it's good! That's all from me this week. What did you think of the manga? Let me know in the comments!

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