Okay, so we have Team Natsu returning back to Magnolia. We get some more insight on Lucy and why she had some sudden mood swings lately, because we see a flashback where Makarov basically tells everyone to GTFO and get a life. That was harsh, dude.

Back to the present, Lucy fears that maybe not everyone got her letter, or that they've moved on and won't bother to return.



MAN I'VE MISSED HER SO MUCH! She got even more beautiful. I bet she got stronger too. She tells Lucy and Wendy how much they've grown (groping Lucy's boobs in the meantime) and then proceeds to tell her that thanks to her, everyone's here.

And indeed, everyone's there. What was most interesting to see: Kinana + her learning Magic, Vijeeter + his new hairstyle (this guy has had a new one every timeskip, hasn't he?), and Warren's smug face about him inventing the iphone communication Lacrima. Biggest disappointment: broomless!Max. Meanwhile, Lisanna got hotter, and Elfman got EVEN BIGGER. Mira looks the same. I kinda hoped she'd be back to her devil persona :P they all get Lucy emotional and have a nice reunion, before Natsu lifts up the flag and announces Fairy Tail's revival.

Oh, forgot to mention that it looks like Erza keeps in touch with Jellal, because she mentioned reporting to him.

....But where the fuck is Laxus and Raijinshu? Also Doranbolt? If I'm not mistaken the rest of them major members are there, with only them missing. I guess they want to make their return badass. So yah, that was the chapter.

The Good

  • We see various characters again.
  • More insight into the missing year, from Lucy's POV
  • CANA!
  • Kinana knows Magic I guess.
  • Everyone accepts Lucy as their lord and savior.

The Bad

Nothing in particular.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 437
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 8/10
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As for other manga, I really enjoyed One Piece, although Sabo is too much like Natsu :P Bleach was okay, not very bad which is good. Naruto was okay too but Sasuke is so dense, she called him father and he's just being a douche >_> what do you think about this week's manga? Let me know in the comments!

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