Hey guys. After 2 weeks of absence from reviews, I decided to make my return! It was probably the right time, since nowadays I'm allergic to Natsu and I would have to skip every part he was in last chapter...

The Cry of Victory

...and that's why I'll also skip talking about the first 5 pages of this chapter, which is everyone speechless about Natsu's feats. I'll get directly to the part where Gajeel, Lily, Levy & Council arrive to arrest everyone in Avatar. I particularly loved Gray's annoyed face when he said that Gajeel is now in the council xD also, yay for Lucy&Levy friendship!

I find it weird that the reunion was kinda...anti-climatic. They've not seen each other for a year and they're like "meh". Gajeel's reasons for arresting everyone were gold though! Especially Lucy's indecent attire and Juvia for "being a puddle of water"! I always thought Gajeel was the guy who would abuse power, and I'm glad that I see it in canon.

And then Erza appears and knocks Gajeel's head as she should have. We also learn that Gray is the one who told him where to find them. WHY OH WHY did he strip Goumon though? Is it an evolved Gray, that enjoys stripping others as well? Anyway, we then have some little warm & fuzzy moments between guildmates and also a hint of what could be FT's revival. Nice!

The chapter ends with FT going back to ST and Fro being lost again, and then Gray finds him. Then we have a very kawaii but also completely OOC moment for Gray, where he hugs Frosch, as Juvia declares it as another love rival. Another great comedic moment for a great chapter! The chapter then ends with some more warm & fuzzy moments and that's it for the first one!


The Good

  • Any and every interaction between FT. I loved them all!
  • Funny chapter.
  • Gray x Frosch is so canon, too bad for you Juvia.

The Bad

  • We saw Sabertooth but NO MINERVA D:
  • Avatar went down way too easily.

Final Verdict

Overall I really liked this chapter, which is good because I greatly disliked last week's couple of chapters. Mashima is at his best at developing characters and having them interact with each other, and he's at his worst at fights nowadays so I enjoy those little fightless chapters.

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 435
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 9/10


Gotta go fast, there's no time for a proper review. I'll add some quick thoughts, and more later! Zeref in cover? OMG, shit gets real! Zeref backstory??? I wish I could read it rn damn it. Baby Natsu? A wild feral guy that looks like Natsu? OMG Chapter is gonna be full of spoilers. Can't wait to read it!

So I got to read the second chapter. We've got a game changer in our hands over here! So many spoilers in so many chapters I just can't.

We've got Zeref who, since being a kid, wished to resurrect his younger brother and bring him back to life. This included the creation of R-System, which would resurrect any person if a suitable tribute was to be offered, as well as Eclipse, a gate that would make him go to the past and save his brother. Both experiments were banned by the prude academy Zeref studied under, and the god Ancselam(who I'm guessing will be the FINAL big bad, not Zeref) cursed Zeref with giving him a body that the more it valued life, the easier it took it. That's why he created the Demons Etherias (from the word Ether) in an effort to end his existence, and that's how E.N.D., Etherias Natsu Dragneel, was born, in an effort to both bring his brother back to life and END himself.

Also, we see Acnologia's human form. Not gonna lie, he looks just like Natsu did after the timeskip, just more feral and with more hair. Could he be the father of the two? That's unimportant right now. What's important is that Zeref is siding with noone; he simply plans to annihilate everybody(except Natsu, perhaps).

So, all in all, amazing chapter. We got Zeref's backstory, in a great chapter of exposition. However, as Zeref said, we don't have the whole story yet; we don't know his relationship with Mavis, or how Natsu ended up under Igneel's wing(literally). So that's it for this week's chapter!

The Good


The Bad


Final Verdict

I looooved this chapter. It tied many loose ends, and now the story can finally move to its climax. I appreciate Zeref's character way more Natsu, and his actions do make more sense. Acnologia still remains a mystery, but his human form is such a badass! Also, Ancselam is another mystery I expect to see more about. Cue another cult, obsessed with Ancselam this time, to be the next threat :P

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 437
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 10/10
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As for other manga, I must admit that Bleach is becoming increasingly more interesting for me. Naruto Gaiden is okay, although I think that the Uchiha plot is kinda boring and Sarada & Chouchou appear to be kinda overpowered for Academy Students, especially thinking back to how Naruto or Sakura used to be. One Piece is still very interesting and Doflamingo sure is one of the most powerful characters we've encountered! Also, I've discovered a new, very interesting manga called Tokiwa Kitareri, which involves ninjas, mages, robots, fantasy creatures and it's just so good! It has some ecchi though, so aspiring readers, beware.

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