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Okay, I initially said that there would be no review this week but fuck it, I'm back from uni and feel like saying a few quick words about this chapter, since y'all lazy bitches didn't do it.

Nab in the cover, and it looks like he returned to the woods to play Tarzan. He always had a tribal theme around him so good for him.

So, Natsu is being kind of...weird? He is actually thinking and he his thoughts make sense. I don't think it's completely OOC, but I do think it's a first that he voices his opinions and he doesn't keep to himself. We also learn how Natsu makes the assumption that Gray is evil and in Avatar, and both Natsu and Lucy mention all the things we've been wondering: has the future changed? is Gray evil because of the black marks? And many more.

Meanwhile we learn more about Avatar. Arlock is the grumpy geezer priest. Jerome is the handsome guy and he looks like he is the only one in Avatar who could be a threat and who actually suspects Gray. The hot girl is Briar and she likes coming up with nicknames. Mary is the psycho loli of the group. Goumon is a monk-esque guy that looks serious but will probably go down easy. D-6 looks like Masked Tobi from Naruto. And finally, Abel & Mr.Cursey is a guy that looks psychotic and has a weird sense of humor. And finally, Gray Fullbuster, who now is as short-sighted and obsessed with E.N.D. as Sasuke was with his revenge against Itachi/Konoha/the ninja world. Still, now he got interesting, and he also has more layers to his personality, so I don't mind the resemblance.

However, if Gray has been really pushed over the edge, I do wonder who informed the Council about Avatar.

Finally, the big highlight of the chapter is Gajeel & Lily joining the Council. I should have seen this coming, with Gajeel wanting to live up to Belno's expectations and all that, but sadly I didn't. I think it's a great development for his personality though! Their designs, however, are the same, apart from the Council clothes, at least that's what I think.

The Good

  • Gajeel and Lily in the Council. It really makes sense for me, and I like it for his character.
  • Gray? not sure yet if that's good or bad.
  • Natsu using his head

The Bad

  • I'm not as interested in the bad guys as I was with Tartarus. I don't know, it just seems to formulatic and something we've seen before, and their personalities don't even move me.

Final Verdict

Pretty good chapter, but short of a transitional one.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 426
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 8/10
Who informed the council about Avatar?

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As for other mangas, Bleach was...okay? The only thing I remember is the shinigami fighting and then A wild Aizen appearing. I did like One Piece, though, and can't wait for Luffy to beat those guys to the ground. Have you guys heard the rumor of Robin dying? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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