No cover this week? Okay then.

Wendy and Carla stay back to heal Juvia, and Original Team Natsu goes after Sabertooth. We have some Nalu teasing, but Natsu looks very serious this time, when he says he will stop trusting Gray until he finds him, and that he will definitely bring him back. I think this empowers the theory that Gray is the one to actually kill Frosch and that's why Natsu is so hasty to go to Sabertooth. Also, anyone else got some Naruto Team 7 vibes when Natsu promised Lucy to bring Gray back? I know I did. Also, Natsu's face when Lucy turned him to the front was hilarious!

Now, on to Sabertooth!!! Yukino looks as magnificent as ever in her new outfit. Orga and Rufus thank FT for disbanding because that meant that they were now the No.1 guild in Fiore once again, and so the majority of the jobs goes to them! I think Fiore in general will be a quieter and more peaceful place without Fairy Tail but oh well :P it's bound to come back.

The next one is a major dafuq moment. I'VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE STING FOR ALL THOSE CHAPTERS, AND HE FINALLY TURNS UP TO BE A FATASS! I can't believe Mashima pulled an Anko with STING of all people! Just... why??? >____> My reaction is totally in sync with Lucy's. Just... argh

Natsu freaking out when he figures that Frosch is not in ST more or less confirms the theory mentioned before.

Aaaand Yukino uses Libra to make Sting thin again? So Sting now is like Risley, right? That's cool, I guess. He can eat all he want and then Yukino will come to his rescue :P anyway, it looks like Sting hasn't changed at all, apart from his outfit.

Rogue looks great though. And guess what, he's with THE MOTHERFUCKING GODDESS MINERVA FUCKIN-ORLANDO!!! What will we call this? Minergue? Roguerva? Anyway, we have lots of nice reunions over here. Fro+Happy friendship! Lucy+Minerva awkward-at-first-because-you-tried-to-murder-me moments! This chapter has everything omg!

Lucy asking Minerva what's up with Sting with a smug look? What will we call THAT one? Stingva? Minersting? Yeah, that sounds better. Anyway, it turns out that Sting turned fat because of an eating contest, but Minerva won. The quiet girl always wins eating contests at animanga, that's a rule!

Lucy and Minerva then share a moment I'm sure many fans were looking forward to in order to completely forgive Minerva. She apologizes to Lucy for everything she did, and of course, Lucy being Lucy, she easily forgives her. See, that's what I would like to see with Gajeel too, but it's been a long time now so I doubt it'll happen.

Anyway, Natsu promises Rogue to give the jewels to him after the job to crush Avatar is completed, and he goes off with Lucy and Happy to fight the new menace. The chapter also confirms that Gray is supposed to kill Frosch, which means he probably isn't playing Avatar, and either turned evil willingly, or the tattoo is possessing him at the moment. Will Natsu manage to alter the future? A rule in most fictional series is that this is impossible and it will happen one way or another. But now we are in a different future...or are we? We'll find out in the next chapter!

The Good

  • Pretty much everything? This chapter felt really satisfying, but I'm a Sabertooth fan so don't mind me.

The Bad

  • Natsu and Lucy going after Avatar themselves. I mean, if those guys are really that strong, maybe this should have been an S-Class job, or a 10-year job. Seeing Natsu and Lucy going after those guys themselves makes me think that they won't be THE bad guys after all. We'll see though...

Final Verdict

Excellent chapter with many funny and heartfelt moments, and also a major revalation. Let's see what Mashima has in store for this story!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 425
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 10/10
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As for other manga, Bleach was...okay, but Ishida is beginning to become Sasuke and it is getting irritating. One Piece was fine, and it shapes up for the epic Luffy vs. Doflamingo that we've all been waiting for! What do you think about this week's manga? Let me know in the comments!

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