Warren in the cover! He dons the new hairstyle so kudos to him. Now he works as something involving telepathy... and a pen. I wonder what it is. He has a policeman vibe, I think.

Anyway, on to the chapter! The gang finds Rainfell, and Natsu enjoys the... half-rain? Okay then. The town seems deserted, with Juvia being its only resident. Juvia first mistakes Natsu for Gray, then gets emotional that she saw her friends, then collapses. They then take her to her and Gray's house. Yep, you heard right, they shared a roof! Yay for the shippers I guess.

Her smug smirk when she said they lived together was so damn funny xD probably trying to make Lucy jealous. According to her they ate together, trained together, even slept together O_o no wait, he kicked her out of his bed. Bad move, man, but no judging.

Then Gray's tattoo emerged and started spreading all over his right arm, and soon he abandoned Juvia. I love how Lucy points out the similarities with Gray and Natsu and that she's still bitter over Natsu leaving her, as well as Natsu starting to realize he hurt her. Good characterization over there. Also, Juvia's comment about them getting a room!

...Wait, kittyform!Carla has no clothes now? >__> Why? And why does Happy look so much smaller than her in a single panel? Anyway, the gang then decides to leave Juvia alone and head to Sabertooth!!! Good, finally we'll see what those guys have been up to in this last year(although we saw them 10 chapters ago or so).

I wonder why they don't take Juvia with them though. She's an asset, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, we meet the new evil guys. They are called Avatar, hence the chapter's title. The Avatar team consists of two hot girls, a guy, 2 weirdos and....GRAY FUCKIN'FULLBUSTER!!! FUCK YES! SHIT'S GETTING INTERESTING!

The Good

  • Gray being a part of the new evil gang. I like this turn of the story because I always thought Gray had potential for darkness.
  • The scenes between all the Fairy Tail Mages.
  • Juvia training all this time as well(among other things).
  • Sabertooth here we come!

The Bad

  • The way the bad guys appeared was kinda...formulatic? We've seen this again and again, with OS, GH, Tartarus, and it always follows the same formula: Good guy is in bad guild and smiles mischievously at the end of the chapter. It's the exact same thing that happened with Tartarus, but with Gray in Silver's place, and they even look similar now. It's not bad Fairy Tail follows the same formula, but I wish we got something unique for Avatar, since they're probably some of the last evil guys we'll deal with, and considering we know nothing about them.
  • Juvia not tagging along for no apparent reason.

Final Verdict

I enjoyed the chapter, and I'm curiously waiting to see what will go down. I'm also excited for Sabertooth, and to see what's going on with Gray!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 424
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 8/10
What's going on with Gray?

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Who are you excited to see the most in ST?

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So, Fairy Tail was pretty interesting this week. Same with Bleach, although I didn't like Ishida's part >_> Fairy Tail 0 was pretty good though, and I'm starting to get fond of Mavis! Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth was also pretty fun, with the No-IceCream Party. Anyway, what's your opinion on this week's manga? Let me know in the comments!

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