I enjoyed this week's cover, minus the Jura statue next to everyone >_> I first thought it was kinda stupid to place it there, then found it creepy because it feels like he's dead or something.

So, Natsu, as expected, sees Bluenote but he doesn't remember him, although Bluenote does. Bluenote attacks, Natsu dodges. Natsu....obliterates Bluenote with one attack?





AND he also burns a what, 14(or is it 15)-year old girl's clothes?


We then have a sweet scene between Wendy and Chelia, and Chelia convinces Wendy to go back to FT because she has to be honest with her heart, and also Carla the stalker looks at the two lolis make out say goodbye on friendly terms. Then Wendy bids farewell to all the other Lamia Scale members, and that was the best part of the chapter for me, because of stupid Toby and Ooba wanted to be the other part of the sky sisters. This was just so hilarious to see! It also goes to show that they won't feel Chelia feel lonely. Perhaps she'll restart stalking and obsessing over Lyon now >___>

So, they all go their separate ways, and we also get a glimse of Juvia! The second highlight for me. She's back to her depressed and wet self, and this probably means that she has lost sight of Gray. They were on such good terms the last time we saw them, I wonder why they got separated. Anyway, that was this week's chapter!

The Good

  • The comical scene between Toby, Yuka and Ooba!
  • JUVIA! I want to see more of her! Can't wait for next week!
  • Wendy and Chelia's scenes were bittersweet

The Bad

  • Everything Natsu. God, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, when it comes to Natsu and Erza fights, Mashima just throws logic out of the window. Bluenote may never have been on Gildarts' level, but he was probably damn close, and Natsu was unable to do anything against him. Now with Second origin + 1 year training(which equals to Bluenote's 8-something years training), is able to 1-hit-KO him? The bullshit level is just too high, I can't anymore.
    • Natsu burning the loli's clothes only made things worse.

Final Verdict

Typical FT chapter(in a bad way). I did not like the chapter minus some silver linings. I'm just glad the Wendy thing is over so that we move on to something different.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 423
Art 10/10
Story 5/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 4/10
Who do you want to see after Juvia?

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Spring is here!

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Okay, as for One Piece, it was pretty good this time, and I wonder what happened to Law. Guess I'll find out in..two weeks from now? Come on! As for Bleach, I really like the past chapters! The plot finally progresses a bit.What do you think about this week's manga? Let me know in the comments!

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