Hey guys! I'm back after like, 4 weeks, and ready to review this week's chapter. But first of all, the kawaii-as-hell cover features the 2 lolis (despite a whole year passing by) and I dunno, it's just really cute man :P

Now on to the chapter. I'm glad that Wendy is embarrassed by her singing and dancing, because it's definitely according to character. Same when she sees Natsu, Happy and Lucy again. I cracked up when Natsu immediately tried to take her back to Fairy Tail when he first found her xD he didn't even ask. I'm mad at him for that, but it was also funny!

We also have some light shed in Makarov's disappearance. Apparently he has problems with the council....I'm sorry, the what? >___>

Oh, I see. The 10 Wizard Saints became councilmen! That does make some sense. But then isn't Makarov also a councilman? I guess not anymore since he's on the run.

As expected, Wendy does not immediately agree to go back, and good for her. I still wanna know her reasons tho. Everyone's reaction at Carla's transformation Magic is the same as me >_> I did not really like it. But apparently it helps her strengthen her Magic and her psychic powers, i.e. becoming more useful, so I won't even complain.

We also learn that Happy apparently DID train....not to eat as much fish >___> I'm disappointed. I want to see Happy be useful too, rather than be transportation and comic relief. We may still get to see that, who knows.. Also, wtf Happy, for finding her cuter as a cat xD though it makes sense in a way.

I love the chemistry Natsu and Lucy have now. They feel more like... adults, equals, I don't know. Anyway, apparently Wendy is staying to not make Chelia feel all alone. Aww, isn't that sweet! Wendy really is the kindest character in the series.

Now time for the big moment; Orochi is attacking with hundreds of thousands of monsters. Dude, chill >___> you kinda overdid it. Defeating the monster tamer would also probably defeat all the monster, and Natsu once again plans to hog the glory and defeat everything by himself, BUT A WILD LOLI DUO APPEARS AND KICKS NATSU IN THE FACE!!! Good job girls! Wow, that did feel satisfying. Finally, someone other than Natsu will show how they've grown in strength. And that's where the chapter ends.

The Good

  • Wendy and Chelia's sister-like dynamic. I love them!
  • Makarov's mystery slowly unveiling.
  • Wendy not immediately wanting to go back.
  • Lucy and Natsu's new dynamic.
  • Carla training? Might as well.

The Bad

  • Natsu trying to make Wendy return by force. Like, dafuq man, that's not cool.

Final Verdict

I must say that so far I like all the post-timeskip chapters. Mashima sure takes his time and the narrative only benefits from that. I wish it goes on like this!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 421
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 9/10
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So, that was this week's FT. As for other manga...Bleach, I must admit, has been getting better and better and moving the plot along! Good job, Kubo! One Piece was nice too, although I hoped Robin had a fight herself >_> FT0 was so-so this time, but all those Ice Trail chapters were certainly interesting(I know, I'm in the minority)! Overall a pretty good week for manga. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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