The cover features Wendy talking about rain and stuff. That's all.

So Zeref appears and congratulates Mard Geer for almost resurrecting E.N.D. He then turns him back into a book and burns him, simple as that ( ._.) it appears that this action angers Natsu & co. because they question Zeref killing his own Demon. Mard, you were a fabulous guy and you will be missed. RIP

Zeref then tells Natsu that he intends to finish the fight against him, and wonders whether 'Acnologia will ruin his plans, before saying that he'll give Natsu more despair. He then... simply takes the book and takes off. WTF? We keep getting these half-assed appearances of Zeref and he never really does anything -_-

Back to Igneel vs. Acnologia, the fight's escalated much too quickly, since they're not on par anymore and Igneel is getting owned. He reminds Natsu (via telepathy) that the Dragons stayed inside the DS for two reasons; first, two prevent their Dragonification: I had to LOL when I heard Igneel mention antibodies xD if you involve science in the manga about Magic, the explanation will always sound ridiculous no matter how you look at it.

Anyway, as for the second reason, it is.....

because Igneel wanted to return on time to defeat Acnologia ( ._.) nothing too exciting, I see...

So, this talk is probably preparing us for Igneel's death, and I think most of us could see his death coming miles away. Hell, even the chapter title was spoilery in that regard. Indeed, Igneel may tear Acnologia's hand off, but Acnologia tears Igneel's half body off in return.

Okay, so Igneel is indeed dying, and until listening to his last words (how Natsu made him love humans and how their days together were his happiest) I didn't feel sad at all, but admittedly this last moment was sad. And that's where the chapter ends.


The Good

  • Acno vs. Igneel fight ending and Mard dying I guess, those plot points are getting resolved one by one.
  • Igneel dying is probably Natsu's defining moment for character development and power up. One can only hope his angry flames don't make him solo Acnologia next chapter....
  • Igneel's last moment was a bit touching.

The Bad

  • Zeref, Zeref, Zeref, why you disappoint me so? -_- Just do something already.
  • Igneel's second reason, it sucked.

Final Verdict

All in all it was an okay chapter. Igneel died, which is sad, and Zeref came and then left, but I honestly don't know where the plot is going right now. Next chapter, Natsu will probably try to face Acnologia, but what of Lumen, Zeref, E.N.D., the other Dragons, Jellal e.t.c.? I hope Mashima has a plan because I don't even know anymore.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 414
Art 10/10
Story 7/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 7/10
Which is your favorite manga out of the "Big 3"?

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As for other manga... Bleach was okay I guess, we finally saw Ichigo & co.! One Piece's last chapters were epic, I just love those one-on-one fights against the major baddies near the end of each arc! Sukedachi Nine was very nice, and I expect the Sukedachi to start to question the authority and whether killing is the solution...All in all, a good week for manga! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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