So in this chapter cover there's a riddle waiting for us to solve; find 5 differences between 2 pictures featuring Elfman, Lisanna and Mira! After I found the first one on Mira's necklace I stopped bothering and went for the chapter ( ._.) feel free to let me know of the others though ;D

So as most of us expected, we begin to see the fight between Natsu, Gray and Mard Geer. What I liked is seeing Gray combine his Ice-Make with Ice Devil Slayer Magic. It was just spectacular ;D

What I didn't like was Natsu being fucking stupid and hiding in Gray's ice spell but then yelling that it was cold. Really? -__- maybe it was supposed to sound cool and badass, but he just lost his element of surprise there. Or he should have anyway, because *turns next page* he in fact manages to hit Mard Geer!

OR it should have, because *turns another page* Mard Geer's wings protected him. We then get some juicy monologue from Mard; according to whom, the One Magic evolving to different forms allowed the book of E.N.D. to develop Curses, stemming from human negative emotions.

Natsu then goes on to say that Curses are in the past and Magic will shape the future and I just


Anyway... Mard Geer then surrounds Natsu & Gray with black mist and uses a spell that, according to him, is the one he was planning to use to annihilate Zeref. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Memento Mori, the Memory of Death! This spell is supposed to just destroy anything not leaving anything of them behind, not even their memories, so I want to see how Gray and Natsu will get away from that one. Maybe they'll be absorbed in another dimension and then return, the way Natsu did with Zero? We'll see..

To be honest I'm afraid that Natsu and Gray will be standing there, and what makes me extra scared is Gray mumbling "the future" before disappearing. Pretty please Mashima, have a solid reason for them not being affected... >___> One way or another, I think next chapter this fight will end, and the flashback will probably finally come to an E.N.D.

The Good

  • Gray using his new Magic ;D
  • Mard Geer being strong!
  • Info on the One Magic!

The Bad

  • The entirety of Natsu. His words, his loud way of fighting.. everything >__> sorry Natsu fans, not sorry.
  • Mard lost his fab after going into Demon form ( ._.)

Final Verdict

I don't feel like I can judge this chapter without seeing the next one. I feel like I will be disappointed, but maybe I won't. We'll see.At least we got some more pieces to the One Magic puzzle in this fight-heavy chapter!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 410
Art 10/10
Story 5/10
Fight 8/10
Chapter 6.5/10
Did you expect Memento Mori to be a spell?

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How will Natsu and Gray get away?

The poll was created at 09:45 on November 23, 2014, and so far 55 people voted.

Let's see. One Piece was really good and I'm glad the flashback is over! The fight is really good although Luffy's not too involved yet, and I hope to see the other groups fight as well. Bleach was okay, we saw some people we haven't seen in a long time, and also got introduced to Yoruichi's sister, from what I gather. Let's see how she becomes important to the plot!

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