Cover 408

Best lady friendship after Lucy/Levy, Lucy/Cana and Erza/Minerva!

So this week we get an awesome friendship! cover featuring Lucy and Juvia! I always loved their love-hate relationship so I love this cover as well! On to the chapter!

Looks like Sting is surprised that there are Devil Slayers. Actually his reaction matches the audience's every time a new slayer appears, so there you have it. Gray explains the obvious, before using a thunder-esque technique on Mard Geer, except it's just a giant mountain of ice ;D Mard then realizes Silver's betrayal, although he's not too surprised by it.

Gray then proves just how OP he is right now when he instantly freezes all the thorns Mard has in store for him, making Mard Geer's expression go like this:


but less dramatic! Gray then says that his daddy issues give him strength and proceeds to kick Mard's ass, as he fabulously moans and...gets hit in a funny position. Gray then proceeds to land the final hit, but guess who cockblocks him.

Give up, you can't guess it, you are not that smart either way ( ._.)

It's Jiemma! Looks like this guy was a Demon after all! Either that, or he probably became one later, since Minerva was a human. Or he adopted her. I dunno ( ._.) the important thing is that he's bad news. Also notice the hole on his left shoulder! Sting did a number on that bastard ;D

No wait, he just said that he chose this power, so he was human in the past. He's still as power obsessed as ever, and looks even more ridiculous than he did as a human. What's with the Goku hair? >__> And how does Gray know that Minerva became a Demon? Did they meet and I forget?

Jiemma's looks and my questions aside, Jiemma is supposed to surpass the strength of the 9DG, not a really great feat if you ask me, since I think only Franmalth and Kyouka really deserved their title. Jiemma proves himself to be a wild card, because he says he'll head after Mard after he deals with Natsu & co.

Natsu cheers on his friends, he attacks, he gets his butt kicked, nothing new so far *skips a couple pages* oh yeah, Sting & Rogue also attack him, get their heads hit together, then hit him, and say that they will deal with him alone. Then that means...

yeah, Natsu and Gray will take on the awakened!Mard Geer! But let's talk about his design. Frankly, I don't like it. He has those demon wings, those demon horns, a tail(probably) and keeps his fabulous hair. He is just... an ordinary Demon, by looks, or how a Demon is supposed to look like. I guess it suits him since he is supposed to be the king of the Demons, but I expected something more... unique ( ._.)

So, all in all, it will be Natsu & Gray vs. Mard Geer and Sting & Rogue vs. Jiemma next time! The chapter is called Bond Between Black and White, so I guess it's Sting and Rogue's turn first.

You know what would make this chapter x1000 better? Friggin' Minerva joining the fight against her dad! I know it's impossible because right now she's stabbing a bitch, but come on Mashima, make it happen! It would be a great chance for character development for her ;D

The Good

  • Jiemma reappears! I knew he would be relevant again.
  • Mard Geer releasing his Etherious form.
  • Gray's strength.
  • The teamups!
  • Sting and Rogue being scared of their master at first, like they used to in the past. Nice touch, Mashima.

The Bad

  • I expected Jiemma to mention Minerva, or explain that he sent Kyouka to find her, or something like that. Also, the way he appeared was....anti-climatic, at least to me.
  • The design of Mard and Jiemma's released forms.
  • When is the countdown gonna E.N.D.? >_> I seriously would rather see those fights first and Erza's later and kept it in chronological order than stay in a flashback for so long...

Final Verdict

Pretty good chapter, but it was not as exciting as last week's, and it didn't leave on a cliffhanger, as we more or less know what to expect of the next chapter, and maybe also the one afterwards. I give it a solid 7 though, because it still was an interesting read!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 408
Art 10/10
Story 6/10
Fight 8/10
Chapter 7/10
Natsu/Gray vs. Mard or Sting/Rogue vs. Jiemma?

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Naruto ended! Did you like the ending?

The poll was created at 10:16 on November 10, 2014, and so far 115 people voted.

So Naruto ended! I loved the ending for the most part, but I do wish we got to see more of what Orochimaru's gang is doing, or learn whether Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Shino, Kiba e.t.c. became clan leaders, or if Ten Ten, Lee and Shino are still singles, or w/e ( ._.) I didn't like the names of Naruto's kids, and oh god, SALAD? Sakura, u crazy? And why does she look more like Karin? And did Ino become head of Interrogation/Torture? I NEED TO KNOW MORE! As for Bleach, it was... fine? I really didn't care much about it. One Piece tho was good, and I feel the flashback is coming to an end! Oh, and Yamada and the 7 Witches was awesome! Finally Odagiri stepped up her game! Go get your man, woman! What did you think about this week's manga? Let me know in the comments!

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