Hey guys! First of all, an announcement; due to the manga moving on Mondays when my schedule is pretty busy, my weekly blogs may be late or may not be published at all sometimes. Don't blame me, blame the anti-piracy thing... >__> or the pirates! Anyway...

Happy in da cover, saying that stars look delicious. This statement had me rolling my eyes, because Happy's obsessed with fish and they do not even remotely look like fish... anyway, other than happy being retarded, I don't find much to comment on, so let's move on!

So everyone's pretty much in shock with the revalation that a dragon came out of friggin' Natsu, rightfully so. Best shocked expression award goes to Juvia tbh. Oddly enough though, Gajeel and the other Dragon Slayers are okay after Igneel came out. Why is this, I wonder? Are they a different case than him? >_>

We take a look at pretty much everyone's reactions to Igneel vs. Acnologia (not Cana though, if I remember correctly) and Mard Geer, being the drama queer we all know he is, cannot handle others stealing his spotlight and says that he has plans to erase both dragons.

Gajeel then asks Natsu how the hell was Igneel inside him the whole time, and Natsu's mood makes a 180 turn from emotional to pissed as fuck. He somehow makes flames propel him upward(like in his very first fight against Erigor, if my memory serves me right again) and jumps on Igneel demanding answers on all the stuff we as readers wonder, like the events on 7/7/x777.

Mashima wouldn't give it away that easy though. Igneel shuts that bitch up by firing what seems to be the original Fire Dragon's Breath and, needless to say, Natsu's version is not even close to comparison. He then tells Natsu to get outta the way and make himself useful by going after Mard and getting the E.N.D. book from him, because, as we all know, Natsu's the only one who can do that. However, he warns Natsu NOT to open the book no matter what, so I guess we all know that somehow the book's gonna open in the next few chapters. And I think Gray will be the one to open it!

I found the part that Natsu asks Igneel for a reward for the job he gave him hilarious! The answer is, of course, the answers to all his questions, and I like that. Natsu then makes Igneel promise him thrice that he won't disappear again, and he does. However, in the last frame he looks sad, so I guess he is about to die and he knows it? Poor Natsu, now it's the first time I actually feel bad for the bastard. I do hope they get to have an emotional talk before Igneel disappears, be it with a physical or etherial body summoned by Milky Way. Anyway, around that part, the chapter comes to an end!

The Good

  • Realistic, human response from Natsu, who demands to have answers, and he wants them now!
  • Igneel's strength. This guy is one epic bastard!
  • The father/son relationship. Need I say more?
  • The buildup around the connection between Natsu and E.N.D. is one of the most intriguing parts of this arc. I have a major theory about this, but I'll keep it for another blog.

The Bad

  • Natsu vs. Mard Geer. Once again, Sting & Rogue will be established as fodder if Natsu makes Mard Geer his bitch, which shouldn't be the case, because the Twin Dragons are supposed to be at their full potential after realizing what to fight for, aka becoming good guys. Unless Natsu gets some power up from Igneel, I'm already calling bs on his victory.
  • Still no news from Gray, OS, Jellal e.t.c... not necessarily something bad since the chapter was centered around Natsu and Igneel, but I'm getting impatient!

Final Verdict

Overall I liked the chapter! It was a nice transitional chapter and I guess it showed everything I asked for. The only thing that still troubles me is why the other DS calmed down after Igneel appeared, and what will the role of Sting & Rogue be now, but I guess we'll soon find out both!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 401
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 8/10
Natsu or Mard Geer?

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If a Genie let you use one of the forbidden wishes, what would you choose?

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As for other mangas.. Naruto will be out in a few days so nothing there yet. Bleach was good? I don't like how everybody who is not Ichigo becomes fodder sooner or later... >_> One Piece was great though! We're finally getting Law's flashback! What do you guys think? Comment away!

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