Cover 398

*Fairy Tail's electric guitar remix plays in the background*

This week's cover is Natsu playing the electric guitar! Nice art as always, so we're moving on..

After Gajeel defeats Torafusa, he is too exhausted to fight Tempesta. As he is about to fall over and Tempesta is about to kill him, to everyone's surprise, Gray arrives and saves Gajeel! Seriously, Gray has stolen this arc's thunder. Good for him!

Mashima's science class continues as Gray suggests that using Tempesta's poison(after he's killed) some andidote for Laxus & co. can be made by Porlyusica. Can I also say how much I enjoyed the shot of Gray's weird-looking eye. Don't know why, I just did.

Anyway, Gray's pretty confident that he'll easily defeat Tempesta, and I am too, since he is a Devil Slayer now. Anyway, Tempesta tries to attack him with some Tornadoes, but Gray freezes them solid. He then creates an ice sword and one-shots Tempesta with his new spell, Hyouma Zero Blade! Gray's badassery reached new levels in this chapter. Well done Gray!

Meanwhile, despite Keith being defeated, the former chairman is still dealing with activating the Faces. Franmalth proves me right saying that it's not Keith controlling him. It is in fact... SAYLA & KYOUKA!!! I am so glad neither of them is out for the count already. Now maybe we can have a delicious Erza & Minerva vs. Kyouka & Sayla fight! Also, let me just say that Kyouka looks AMAZING without the mask thing she wore.

So, Kyouka throws some insults towards Minerva and reminds Erza of her trauma BUT!!! A WILD MIRAJANE APPEARS and knocks a bitch down. However, the process is completed and the 3,000 Faces will be activated. Thank God!! That means we will in fact see the other guilds + CS maybe in some action soon!

Anyway, it looks like Kyouka can absorb the power of defeated Demons and send them back to the book. This way she apparently absorbs Sayla's Macro and says she'll avenge them all, being the last Nine Demon Gates member standing. Meanwhile, Erza promises Minerva and Mira that she'll defeat Kyouka, and so The Final One-on-One is Erza vs. Kyouka!

The Good

  • Developments everywhere! I know some chapters are kinda slow and some are kinda fast-παψεδ, but that certainly moved the plot forward where it much needed it.
  • Erza vs. Kyouka round 2!
  • Gray reaching epic levels of badassery! One-shoting Tempesta? Promising that he will end Tartarus by himself? You go man!
  • Sayla and Mirajane's involvement.
  • Faces being activated. Imagine poor Wendy running back to warn them, all for nothing?

The Bad

  • Minerva's involvement. I mean, COME ON! She has been only slightly injured and is supposed to be one of the most overpowered characters right now. I mean, she was on par with Erza during the GMG and now also has an upgraded curse! Why not use her, Mashima? I know Erza is always supposed to fight the second strongest, but why the fuck involve Minerva in the plot if she does absolutely nothing?

Final Verdict

That was a very good chapter. Apart from my problem with how Minerva is used in the story, this was a near perfect chapter that took the story many steps forward. I look forward to so many things, mainly concerning Gray, who is suddenly one of the most interesting character of the arc. As for Erza, I'm sure she'll win so not very interested in that plotline, but I'm looking forward to see what kind of powers Kyouka possesses!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 398
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 9/10
Chapter 9/10
How do you feel about the final One-on-One being Erza vs. Kyouka?

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What came first, the egg or the chicken?

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Let's see...I really enjoyed One Piece this week, since Usopp finally got his moment to shine! He apparently has Haki too. I think he's the hero of this arc. Bleach was something I didn't like. Kubo is killing all his likeable characters one by one and pays next to none respect to them. As for Naruto, the final battle(unless another villain pops up) was certainly anticlimatic. All in all, FT + OP were good, while the other too kinda sucked. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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