So this week's cover is pretty nice. We learn that Gajeel's famous from his cooking. Aaaand that's all. Now for the chapter.

So Gajeel asks Levy to give him air again to keep fighting. Uh, even the first time I thought it was pushing it too far and she almost fainted, I doubt she can do it again. What kind of lungs does Gajeel think she has anyway? >___>

Also yeah, Gajeel keeps opening his mouth and he doesn't get poisoned or drowned? And how exactly are they communicating since Levy isn't opening hers? Telepathy? So many questions..

Anyway, Levy then does what she should have friggin' done from the previous chapter; she uses Solid Script: Air and the bubble thing I speculated last week actually happened, so yay for me!

So Levy then saves Natsu Lucy and Juvia by doing the same for them while Gajeel beats Torafusa until his body becomes harder than before, which apparently is his speciality! Being hard!

....... You are one perverted mo'fo ಠ_ಠ

So anyway, it looks like the poison finally begins to kick in and as Gajeel is about to lose consciousness...flashback time! Let me tell you that I'm actually happy about this because I always wanted to know more about Gajeel pre-Phantom Lord arc.

It looks like Belno, who was actually a pretty decent girl for a Council Member, had attempted to have Gajeel withdraw from PL numerous times. Gajeel then found her corpse when he went after the council along with Levy and Jet and Droy, and so decided to honor her wishes and live his life with meaning. This was just sweet and awesome.

...Oh, also she has a dead son whom Gajeel reminds her of. Is it just me who thinks that we'll see him and he'll be a bad guy and fight Gajeel at some point? >___> I really do expect that to happen.

Anyway, Levy knows her chemistry well and Iron + C = Steel, so Gajeel becomes harder than Torafusa(oh shut up) and manages to defeat him! Now this is a victory I enjoyed. This power up actually made sense! So the chapter ends as Gajeel reminds Natsu to write him his song.

The Good

  • Belno and the flashback in general. I loved it!
  • Gajeel now has a special connection with somebody outside of Fairy Tail whom he is willing to live for. I must say that I was no fan of Gajeel, and he's still not my favorite character, but I do like him better now and I think he evolved as a character.
  • Levy being smart and using her Solid Script instead of cheap reasons to make the shippers happy!

The Bad

Aside from Gajeel keeping his mouth wide open but not swallowing water and the way he communicated with Levy, which did not make sense, I have no other complaints.

Final Verdict

Awesome, solid chapter, loved the flashback and loved the way the victory was pulled! Next chapter's called Final One-on-One so Natsu probably ends his fight and we can move on to bigger things. I'm so excited!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 397
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 9/10
Chapter 9/10
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So let's see... let me say that I loved One Piece because ROBIN <3 also Kyros was a boss!!! and Law is free! Bleach was kinda nice but I feel bad for Toushiro. Naruto was ok... ( ._.) I liked the final bit which led back to the very first episodes/chapters. All in all a good week for manga! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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