So the chapter immediately begins with the fight between Gray and Silviora. Both use Ice Magic, but Silver clearly has the other hand.

On another note, reading the side note on page 2, there are actually more than 3,000 Faces now. Is this a joke or what? -_-' As time goes on, the number increases more and more...

Anyways, back to the fight! Gray attacks Silviora with Cold Excalibur but the latter blocks it with his own hands, then.. he eats it! Good job on that one. He explains that since all of Ur's disciples use Ice Magic, he chose to master a type of Magic that Ice is ineffective against. Silver proves that he would actually be an efficient Pokemon trainer so I've got to like that.

Meanwhile the other Demons gossip on Silver's powers for no reason at all other than exposition for the audience. Juvia, meanwhile, asks Keith why a Demon would learn Demon Slaying Magic, but Keith has no clue. Back to Gray, he gets impaled by some ice shards, while Silviora threatens to kill him, his fellow disciple, his guildmates, his unborn child, his family... you know, everything Gray loves.

So Gray attempts to attack again but gets his ass kicked due to being a dumbass who doesn't realize that ice doesn't work on Silver. HOWEVER!!! he then takes a lesson from Natsu vs. Franmalth and decides to... yes, you guessed it... throw friggin' rocks at Silver! It's smart but since it's been kinda overused I just didn't mind it...

Gray literally begins throwing rocks at Silver so gets pissed and brings Christmas earlier this year. He turns everything to ice, and Gray remembers what he did in Sun Village and decides to use it again; channel Silver's own ice against him, since he can't eat his own element. However, that doesn't change the fact that ice just can't hurt him. Long story short: Gray is screwed. However, next chapter's named You Must not Forget, so I expect an Ur or Ultear or even Silver- related flashback to give Gray strength and make him win. It'll be interesting to see how, though.

The Good

  • Gray. He used a variety of spells, old and new. He was also smart in the fight, quickly caught on to his opponent's abilities and tried to adjust. Forcing Silver to make everything ice was also a smart move coming from him, so yeah. Gotta respect him and hand it over to him this time!
  • Silver's Magic (partially) explained. We now know that Demons can in fact also use Magic. What was not explained is why he chose Devil slayer, and not Dragon or God slayer Ice Magic.

The Bad

  • Not really something to be overly upset about, other than Face increasing in numbers every single chapter or two >_>

Final Verdict

Very good chapter all in all! I am just glad that the fight was not ended in one chapter, which is the length of the typical Mashima fight... so yeah, I am pleased!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 391
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 10/10
Chapter 9/10
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As for other mangas, I guess they were all okay? Bleach was nice, One Piece was epic but goes on a break again, and Naruto was still meh... What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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