So there's a magazine cover for the ladies with FT's most prominent male members shirtless. The next COLORED page immediately begins with what looks like a Gray flashback.

As almost everyone has guessed, Silver is (or rather, has the appearance) or Gray's father, who was killed by Deliora.

As for the chapter cover, it has fanservice both for the guys and the ladies, featuring all the FT members in summer clothing.

So Silver drops the bomb that he's Gray's father and not one of us is really surprised, no matter how much each of us was in denial. They soon begin sparring, or should I say, Gray tries his best to land a hit on Silver but fails miserably. Silver then reveals how much of a psycho he is, explaining that he and Gray are destined to fight.

So far, I still don't get why he hates Gray but w/e ( ._.)

We return to Natsu/Gajeel/Juvia whose matches have become more one-on-one-ish rather than a battle royale. We do have an attempt from Gajeel and Natsu to use teamwork, but those noobs fail. Meanwhile Juvia's Gray senses are tingling and says he's in danger. Lucy wants to help but Natsu is chill as fuck because the Twin Dragons are also there. Now that I mentioned them, their teamwork isn't any more effective than Natsu and Gajeel's. They are bruised but Mard isn't even fighting seriously. How about you guys start first and use Dragon Force or something? Just throwin' an idea out there ಠ_ಠ we also have Mard explaining how homo he is for Sting and Rogue and that now he understands Kyouka a bit.

Erza, Minerva + Sabercats reunite with Happy and Lily. Fro and Lector call Happy "Happy-kun" and forget all about past rivalries. Minerva pulls out Franmalth from Happy's head, and I'm still wondering where the fuck she's suddenly a Tartarus expert. Anyway, Minerva then explains that Fran will guide them to the control room.

So Silver explains that he found the corpse of Gray's dad and used it. However, his dad was clean shaven when he died, and I don't think corpses grow a beard... ಠ_ಠ dafuq is wrong with you Mashima? Anyway, Silver then explains that he wants to kill all of Ur's pupils because he is in fact Deliora! DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUUUUM

So of course that makes Gray mad and he rushes towards Deliora, while Juvia makes an epic face when Keith tells her Gray will make the same decision as his teacher.

The Good

  • Silver being Deliora. Normally I would have been indifferent towards this, but we had an entire arc (Sun Village) building up to Gray fighting Deliora, so I must say that, although predicted, I like this development.
  • Mard still not being damaged.
  • Juvia's face, I guess?
  • The interaction between the Exceeds.
  • The last 4-5 pages.

The Bad

  • Minerva knowing everything Tartarus-related 'cuz it doesn't make much sense.
  • Silver using the body of Gray's dead father, firstly because everyone called it from the moment he appeared, and secondly because I don't know... Deliora just happened to find the body of Gray's father and wanted to use it? Somehow it all doesn't add up. It looks like Mashima just wanted to find a way to make Gray really mad.
  • Silver's personality? I mean, it was clear in this chapter how much of an asshole he is, but he had his moments of kindness(like when he gave Lisanna a blanket to not wander around naked). Deliora wouldn't care about things like that.
  • This one may not be a bad, but didn't Deliora absolutely die in Galuna arc? Because I remember him dying.

Final Verdict

A very good chapter, with a huge reveal, and we saw all the important characters progressing in their stories a bit. So well done Mashima! I do expect you to fill some Silver plot holes though.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 390
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 8/10
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So, One Piece was pretty decent this week. Naruto was so-so, but I kinda enjoyed Bleach because Orihime. What are your thoughts on this week's manga?

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