The cover is awesome xD Gajeel and Pantherlily looking as intimidating as ever I see... but let's quickly move on to the chapter!

First, let me comment on their outfits. Sting looks like a badaass boss wearing a master's coat similar to Makarov's. Let's hope this time he doesn't disappoint. Rogue looks like a friggin' samurai so of course he looks awesome.

Anyway, those guys tell Erza that they are there because she actually sent them a letter. Props to Mashima there, for explaining(sorta) how they were able to find them. I lol'ed at Frosch and Lector's comment on Erza's letter though, as well as her reaction!

According to Mard Geer, there are 3000 Faces instead of 2000, and that they have one hour to destroy them all. I'm guessing that instead of going to destroy them one by one, which is bs, they'll find a way to radically destroy them all, idk

Everyone's favorite redeemed Demon Minerva, however, mocks Mard Geer because Face cannot be remotely controlled. How does Minerva know that though...? >__> it's not like she stayed in Cube for a long time to know this stuff...

Sting and Rogue's anger

If you don't find this epic you're wrong.

It looks like Keith is a necromancer though, so he'll revive everyone's hateable Chairman. Now it makes sense why Kyouka was so quick to dispose of him; he can easily be revived again. And then killed again. Repeat until satisfied.

So, like the motherfuckin' bosses they are, Sting and Rogue order Erza to go back to her kitchen go find a way to stop Face and take Minerva + Exceeds with her. Now I hope to see an Erza + Minerva vs. someone strong ;D let's hope it comes true. Anyway, Mard begins sparring with them(holding his book at the same time) and Minerva is hesitant to leave them. Frosch also wants to fight. DAMMIT FROSCH STOP BEING A PIECE OF SHIT, THIS IS EXACTLY THE REASON YOU DIE IN THE FUTURE AND ALMOST CAUSE THE GODDAMN APOCALYPSE IN THE GMG!

Mard Geer uses the power of his hardcore haircut to easily deal with the Twin Dragons, and also destroy the city below with some white stuff. Sting and Rogue then look epic as fuck when they pull a Natsu and say they won't forgive someone who hurts their friends. Technically, he only laid 1 attack on Minerva, who's also an ally, so idk about that but whatever.

The chapter ends with what we've all been waiting to see, Gray and Silver. Silver informs Gray about Faces, and also explains how he wants to see him in despair before he dies. Gray tells him that he recognizes his face and voice, and Silver also reveals to know him. Next chapter's called "A Boy's Tale", so I'm expecting a Gray backstory chapter!

The Good

  • Sting and Rogue being bosses. Also, explaining how they were able to find them.
  • Gray and Silver finally almost spealing the beans.
  • Minerva was nice I guess.

The Bad

Mard Geer being the typical cliche bad guy and explaining all his future plans; the number of Faces, as well as how he plans to activate them. I get that he's supposed to be overconfident, but this never ended well for anyone so I gotta dislike it... >_>

Final Verdict

I liked the chapter! Not loved, but it was a good, solid chapter. The fight between Twin Dragons and Mard Geer began pretty good, and I want to expect a good fight but hesitate to do so after last week's fiasco. Admittedly, what's most interesting so far is Gray vs. Silver.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 389
Art 10/10
Story 6/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 7/10
Will Sting + Rogue win agianst Mard Geer?

The poll was created at 09:36 on June 20, 2014, and so far 101 people voted.
Where the f*** is Kyouka?

The poll was created at 09:36 on June 20, 2014, and so far 84 people voted.

As for other chapters, I liked One Piece, I rolled my eyes on Bleach and I was confused with Naruto... >___> what about you guys? Let me know below!

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