Cover 388

Probably the best part of the chapter tbh

Love the cover!!! It's one of the sexiest there's ever been, that's for sure. Erza looks like a goddess *__* however, that won't stop me from rooting for Minerva in this chapter...

So, I expect 15 irrelevant pages and the last 5 to be Erza vs. Minerva, as usual. Am I correct? Let us see.
EDIT:After reading the chapter, I guess I was wrong. It really was more about Erza and Minerva. However, there's a rant ahead, so beware ( ._.)

The first few pages were just... amazing. Wendy refuses to give up and says that it's not the end. Her character growth despite her age is so amazing that I have to give kudos to Mashima for this. She also did the traditional japanese thing that people cut their hair to show their resolve or how much they've changed (like Sakura or Ino from Naruto, Riku from KH and many, many more that don't come to mind). And yes, I just loved that bit. However, I'll still call bullshit if those two manage to destroy more than 10 Faces without Jellal + OS + Legal Guilds appearing.

Back to Erza vs. Min-

Minerva: I'm Neo-Minerva bitch.

Of course... Erza vs. Neo-Minerva it is then! When Erza is about to kick her, she uses her Territory Magic(Demons that were humans can still use their Magic, despite their Curse?) and transfers herself behind Erza, whooping her ass. THAT'S MY GIRL!!!

Erza is swift to strike back though. As Minerva takes a hit, we learn just a bit about her backstory, and I'm not surprised to see her abused by Jiemma, her father, after all the cruelty she displayed towards him later on. That's probably why she is so obsessed with being the strongest. Jiemma keeps being an asshole, and the more she cries the more he beats her and yells at her.

...Wait a moment. He also forced her to strip and abandoned her.

Now we know who gets the worst father award 2014 ;D good fucking job on creating a sociopath, Jiemma. No wonder you had no problem on killing a kitty in cold blood.

So, now it's Erza's Nakama-lecture time! Everyone got your popcorn? Good. Erza tells her that she understands why Minerva did what she did during the GMG and that her first "is crying" when she attacks her. Dafuq? ಠ_ಠ people have done worst shit and Erza was eager to beat their asses.

So, Minerva then asks Erza to kill her... it's a trick isn't it? ಠ◡ಠ THAT'S MY GIRL! There's no way she gave up after 5 pages of fight...

So, Mard Geer appears to stop a so far boring fight, and says he'll kill them himself. But OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK, when I think that Minerva will sacrifice herself to save Erza or something, Sting & Rogue & Cats appear to save her, with Erza's words echoing on Minerva's mind which in my mind is just an Enies Lobby ripoff but w/e Rogue looks cool though ._.

So... I don't know whether I should be happy, or super pissed. Let us see...

The Good

  • Minerva's backstory.. It was nice to see why she was evil to begin with, but I was disappointed ( ._.) see below.
  • Another guild finally entering the stage. FT fighting Tartarus solo just made no sense!

The Bad

  • Minerva's backstory. Like, seriously? 3 panels and that's all, for an antagonist that's been torturing people sadistically for like, 3 years? And couldn't you get a bit more creative about it? ( ._.) That was so cliche and overused.
  • Minerva's powers. We only got a GLIMPSE of her old ability being used. No curse, no new spells, no Demon form, no anything! Why Mashima???
  • The fight made ABSOLUTELY no sense. It is definitely one of Mashima's laziest ones. It started really nice with Minerva attacking Erza and I expected to see something good. However, Erza changed no armor, used no weapons and just attacked Minerva until she gave up... and why would Minerva give up??? She was supposed to have all those strong attacks! Jesus, she put up an excellent fight before becoming a Demon! The fight we saw was a mockery and Mashima probably just wanted to find a legit way to introduce Sting and Rogue, and end the fight.
  • Erza's character development. Why would she hesitate to beat Minerva? I still don't get this...
  • MINERVA'S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!! Why would Minerva, after JUST explaining how she is the strongest, just give up??? WHY??? She didn't even TRY! She just accepted that she was weak and begged Erza to KILL HER! That's not the Minerva we know at all! Like her or hate her, at least that's something we all gotta agree on...
  • Why would Mard Geer want Minerva killed? She was one of them after all...
  • Why exactly do Sting and Rogue want Minerva back? She threatened Sting with Lector's life and was clearly depicted as a bad person. Also, a Demon in a legal guild? Really?

Final Verdict

As a Minerva fan and a Fairy Tail fan, this chapter disappointed me. Greatly, however, I give credit where the credit is due, which is ST appearing and Wendy being awesome.

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Art 10/10
Story 4/10
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Chapter 4/10
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