Cover 387

He's Jellal, I tell you

So I guess Carry had a massive nosebleed this week, with shirtless Jellal on the cover...

Ft wiki: Uh, it's actually Gray...ಠ_ಠ

...O_o the hoodie he has on his back reminds me of Jellal's in the ToH Arc...

Ft wiki: ... -__-

Whatever, shut up and read the damn review >_>

So the chapter starts awesomely, with Gray immediately pointing out that something's wrong with Silver, and Gajeel saying that he even smells like him, causing Juvia a mini fangirl crisis. Silver, however, swiftly reaches Gray, tells him "I'll get him"(no idea if he meant Gray, or someone else) and then vanishes along with him. That's better, I think. Xehanort then attacks the Mages with his hurricanes, but Gajeel(who somehow looks like he has a silverish color?) attacks back, only to be halted by Torafusa. We then get some sparring between everyone and Lucy worrying about everyone, but Natsu cheers everyone and they attack again. Sigh ( ._.) 10 pages of almost nothing so far...

Oh yeah, we see Happy and Pantherlily next. This scene had me rolling on the floor laughing because it's a rerunning joke with Happy growing mushrooms on his head xD and Lily's comment and reassurance made it even funnier. OMG IT'S NOT A FREAKIN' MUSHROOM IT'S FRIGGIN' FRANMALTH!!! HE IS ALIVE! THE DUDE THAT WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT TO BEAT AND HAD THE MOST OP ABILITY IS STILL FRIGGIN' ALIVE AND KICKING! YAAAAAEEESSSS!!!

Mard breaks free of his petrification

Oh yeah so, this guy's alive

...Could he be the E.N.D.? I'd be happy if he was ;D

Anyway, back to the other FT members, it's good to see that Magnolia was in fact destroyed as a result of the fight. Makarov walks around the ruins(I guess they fell from Tartarus?) and it looks like he intends to do what Precht told him to. Good. I want to see what's all that about.

We also get some nice kawaii Wendy worrying about Face, and Doranbolt reassuring her that it's ok. We also get a kawaii hug of Wendy with Carla. Anyway, it turns out that Wendy and Carla did not actually stop Face. In fact, now we have many weird, creepy-looking Faces pop up everywhere, and it's actually around 20 of them. O_____o and they're all even freakier, smiling like that. And that's where the chapter ends.

The Good

  • Gray and Silver separating themselves from the others. More dramatic, less interference.
  • Doranbolt, Wendy and Carla appearing. Only Jellal and his team left now.
  • Multiple faces? Hell yeah!!! Although they'll probably be stopped in a bullshit way.
  • Happy's franmushroom.
  • FT members falling from Tartarus, going to activate FT'S "Light".
  • The title of the next chapter, Erza vs. Minerva!
  • Mard Geer is not out.

The Bad

  • The fight scene. It felt neutral and ordinary and we saw nothing new ( ._.)
  • Chapter felt... short? Some pointless stuff, the important things could easily be squished in half a chapter and get some more developments.
  • No mention of Jellal
  • Where the hell's Kyouka?

Final Verdict

I liked the developments and the big revalation about Franmalth, but it was not as an exciting chapter as I expected. It had nothing bad, just not the short of stuff that would make me rage, or party.

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 387
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 5/10
Chapter 7/10
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Which fight are you most excited about?

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So Bleach was pretty meh this week, and Naruto was slightly better. A generally meh week for mangas! What do you people think?

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