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The latest chapters have all been excellent, and this one was no different. The cover was cute, but mostly indifferent, with Lucy giving oral advices... >_> no, not that kind of oral, you dirty minded bastards. Apparently brushing your teeth builds up concentration, energy and strength... the more you know..

Anyways, Lucy indeed knocks Jackal down with her successful Urano Metria. However, his body hasn't disappeared, so who knows, maybe he's not entirely dead yet. Meanwhile, the Celestial Spirit King is at a disadvantage against Mard Geer, so he uses a chant similar to Urano Metria(both mentioning the 88 constellations) before utilizing a last resort kind of attack, Galaxia Blade.

Erza and Minerva clash one more time

If you don't find this immensely epic, something's wrong with you.

Before continuing, let me just say that it would be awesome if there are many spells out there like Urano Metria or Galaxia Blade, that involve the user being power up by the stars. If there's another short training arc before the fight with Zeref, I'd love to see Lucy training and learning more of those spells!

So, let's continue. This attack manages to return everyone back to normal. Yay! My gurl Minerva reaches an orgasm when Erza returns(going as far as to call her "her beloved" in the stream translation) and the two continue their catfight. Meanwhile, Mard Geer is petrified that CSK managed to dispel Alegria. Like, literally petrified. I don't get why or how, so any of you kind readers with any idea of what went on may delight me. The fact is that Mard turned to stone or something similar, while CSK vanished and went back to the Celestial Spirit World, leaving the rest up to FT.

Mard turns into stone


By the way, Lucy's tatoo has vanished, so I fear that she won't keep Aquarius' powers D: and that's a pity, because I could imagine Juvia building her bond with Lucy further by training her... also, what will happen to Aquarius now? We know she's alive, but Celestial Spirits' purpose is to fight with CS Mages. Will her key be somehow recreated, now that the old one was destroyed, and appear somewhere in the world for a Mage to find? This would be my guess. In that case, Lucy still has a chance to get her back.

Natsu and co. face Tartaros

If you don't find THIS immensely epic, then you may actually be just fine ( ._.)

Anyway, I go off point. Torafusa, Tempesta(or Xehanort), Keith and Silver attempt to kill Lucy since she's "dangerous". You know, what piques my interest is that Torafusa says that Lucy is the only one who was SUPPOSED to still be alive. I wonder what that means, since we don't know the details of Lucy surviving... but the fact is, Gajeel, Juvia, Gray and Natsu arrive to save the day!!! Can I just say how I loved Natsu just this once, for aknowledging that Lucy saved all their asses!

So, we can be sure that Gajeel will fight Torafusa. That much is confirmed. Juvia and Gray will probably fight Silver together (loved Gray's shocked face when he saw Silver, and Silver's smirk was made of badass), and Natsu will fight Tempesta. My guess for the last one; Natsu loses(he needs to fight the big baddy after all) and a revived Laxus(or maybe Makarov) arrives to save the day. I'm calling it! But since there's Keith too, maybe Juvia will fight Keith? Idk ( ._.) and this where the chapter ends, after giving us some epic panels with the two opposing forces!

What about Kyouka and all the other Demons that are supposed to lurk inside Cube though?

The Good

  • FT coming back. Although I loved the Lucy-only chapters, there's no way she could get out of this alive, unless even FT came back, or another guild came for help.
  • The fights setup. I love how protective even Gajeel and Juvia are of Lucy, and that despite their past they are not all a family.
  • Minerza! A new ship is created. I find Minerva's fascination and obssession with Erza a bit creepy, but it's an interesting dynamic!
  • Lucy. My gurl needs some rest, and I love her relieved face when her friends come in to help!
  • Gray and Silver finally meeting, as well as their faces when they do!
  • Natsu for aknowledging Lucy.

The Bad

  • Mard Geer vs CSK. I expected a battle of epic porportions, but then again, Mashima hates long fights so there you go ( ._.) I didn't like that fight at all, we almost saw nothing that would justify the title of the two opponents, except from the way CSK appeared and sliced Hell's Palace with 1 hit.
  • Mard Geer. Really? You'll just stay there, petrified. I am disappoint and expected WAY more from you ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) however, I'm not giving up on Mard yet, because who knows, he may return. No, I'm sure he will!
  • CSK. Same reasons as Mard, I thought he'd be an epic badass, but he didn't meet my standards ( ._.)
  • Still no news from Jellal + Meredy + OS, Doranbolt, Wendy, other guilds e.t.c.

Final Verdict

I liked the chapter. A lot. After the previous chapters which were tear jerkers, we finally need something more hopeful, and the FT members returning achieved just that. So yeah, you go Mashima!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 386
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 5/10
Chapter 8/10
What do you think happened to Mard?

The poll was created at 10:06 on May 30, 2014, and so far 63 people voted.

The poll was created at 10:06 on May 30, 2014, and so far 48 people voted.

As for other mangas, Bleach was meh, or maybe even outright bad. One Piece was interesting and we're finally about to learn Law's backstory(let's all wish Oda good luck to his surgery!) and Naruto was THE BOMB, as I loved the plot twist as well as seeing what everybody's "perfect world" would look like, with the best being Gaara's or Tsunade's, and the funniest Ten Ten's. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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