So, how awesome is it that Wendy's hair in DF mode is pink? Finally, this world needs more badass pink-haired characters! Also, love the cover, but I wish Minerva and some Demons were in it too >:) well, the cool guys are always left out so I'm not complaining here...

As for the chapter, Wendy feels the power inside her body growing and becomes like, super fast! She punches Ezel(which was amusing to see, since she is about half his size) and then does it AGAIN! However, since Ezel's a real badass, he's not down just yet- and tick tock, time passes by. Now it's just 4:25 minutes before the Face's activation! Wendy then says she'll end it, and uses a secret technique called Shouha Tenkuusen. Wonder what the translation for that would be.

Ezel then explains that his Curse. Demon Blade(I like the sound of that) allows him to pierce through anything. With an attack called New Moon, he stops Wendy's attack and then turns to his Slayer Mode, which...well, to put it blatantly, it sucks and he looks like an armored cockroach, but w/e ( ._.) beggars can't be choosers. Wendy then gathers all the wind around her, and pulls a Natsu, destroying both Ezel and Face at the same time in a huge devastating attack!

HOWEVER!!! Although Face is destroyed, the timer doesn't stop, and I say good call on that one to Mashima, because it would've been a huge disappointed if Face was actually stopped that easily. Wendy collapses, the timer reaches zero(presumably), a huge explosion is set off and Franmalth says that the era of Magic is finally over...

So, we're to expect a second chapter this week, but I really loved this one! Wendy won, but at the same time failed in her mission, but she does deserve respect for beating a 9DG member(although I hope he is not dead meat yet).

How did you feel about Face being activated?

The poll was created at 09:36 on March 28, 2014, and so far 71 people voted.
Raven's Ratings: Chapter 377
Art 10/10
Story 7/10
Fight 9/10
Chapter 8/10

Love chapter 378's cover! It was heart warming and awesome. Where were we? Oh yeah, Franmalth taunts Lucy, Natsu and Happy because Face is about to activate. At the same time, Gray has a hard time against Keith because his attacks won't hurt him. Sayla is destroying Mira with her books (am I the only one who's reminded of Zexion when seeing her fighting style?) and Lamy suddenly appears to grope Lisanna and tell her that she's her opponent.


Lisanna got more fights going on than Lucy. Sad ( ._.)

Anyways, Erza and Kyouka just spar with no major development going on, and back to Wendy and Carla, the latter says that she's had a premonition and she can have Face self-destruct.

Am I the only one who thinks that this came out of nowhere? She never had that premonition from what I can remember! Carla is an amazing character and I love how she rewrites the circle and saves the day, but I hoped we had seen that prediction beforehand, like various others she had in the past.

She also reveals that they won't be on that future, since they'll be caught up in the explosion. So she tells Wendy to run away and save herself, but Wendy says that she won't leave Carla alone, which was touching to be honest. The next part was the best of the chapter; she hugs Carla and tells her that she had fun in their adventures, and after some memories, the two have Face go off in a massive explosion.

HOWEVER, DORANMEST SAVES THE DAY!!! I've never been happier to see that guy. Lies, I have, but this is one of those moments.

So, I found this a very touchy feely chapter, that certainly did have many feels, but some things didn't make sense:

  • We never heard of this dream/premonition Carla had.
  • She said that they had no future if they had Face explode, but they both survived.

Those two were the downs in this chapter, but Doranbolt and the moments of Carla and Wendy did it justice.

Are you content with this development?

The poll was created at 10:39 on March 28, 2014, and so far 86 people voted.
Raven's Ratings: Chapter 378
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 8/10

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