Love the cover! It's been some time since Lucy had a solo cover. I'm not sure I understand Happy's role in it, or its concept though >_>

Anyway, on to the chapter! Wendy and Carla rush towards the Poison Jelly Valley or whatever it's called, where I think she's probably gonna have tons of screentime(or chaptertime, maybe?) since this arc is supposed to be dedicated to her. Meanwhile, good job everyone (minus Reli) you guessed correct! Franmalth in fact took the form of Hades...sort of. I love how everyone pointed out how weird as fuck he looks. After this, sadly, Hades is no longer fearsome or formidable on my mind ( ._.) Anyway, Franmalth reveals that he is the one who found Hades' body, although I guess he did not find only his body, but he was in fact alive, since he mentioned how much Magic power he had, and bodies themselves probably don't have any.

Natsu then tells him thah they beat Hades in the first place. Yeah Natsu, you and Lucy only. Plus, you know, Gray, Erza, Laxus, Makarov, Wendy and a destroyed heart that gave him infinite power. How stupid can he get? On another note, this is the weirdest fight I've seen in FT so far, mostly due to how fugly Franmalth looks. Also, it's nowhere near as epic as the first time against Hades. Franmalth says he got so much power, but he only uses his own powers instead of using Hades'. Maybe it's a limitation of his Magic, if the soul absorbed is that of a dead person(is that even possible?) only Magic power raises, but the type of Magic is not absorbed.

So, Natsu then uses his LFD mode, which is cool and epic and fortunately not forgotten. However, Franmalth absorbs the soul of the LFD mode itself(is that even possible??? How OP can he get?) and becomes the almighty LIGHTING FLAME DRAGON DEMON IN THE FORM OF HADES.

Franmalth then tells Natsu what everyone wanted to tell him. He shouldn't take Demons lightly just because he beat Jackal, since they are all biological weapons of war magically created by Zeref himself. At the same time, Mira is being cornered by Sayla while Lisanna is her useless self and is just watching, but I'm not too worried, because Mashima tends to change the tide of those grimm situations really fast. I also love the last look Sayla gives Mira! From the looks of it, Sayla hasn't even released her Demon form, so I'm pretty convinced Mira will use a new Satan Soul(or maybe Sitri, but actually fight in it a long fight just this once). Erza looks pretty cornered too, which is good since Kyouka isn't as weak as I thought.

At the same time, Wendy reaches the cave, but Ezel is sneaking up on her from behind! Next chapter is named Wendy vs. Ezel and I'm really excited about it. Let's see what this girl(and Demon) can do!

All in all, it was a pretty good chapter, but I wish Lucy contributed to the fight more, than Natsu being his usual self again ( ._.) well, at least I'm starting to get used to it and not get so the same time, however, I'm starting to like Franmalth!

Is Franmalth's power cool?

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Did you like this chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 375
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 8/10
Chapter 8/10

Other mangas this week were pretty awesome too! Guy's backstory and his newly released powers are awesome, Yachiru was awesome and Kenpachi finally appeared, and Usopp is finally ready to fight but we also got Kyros' past! What do you think?

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