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I WUV MEGA!!! <3

So, the first page of this chapter was surprising for me! I even thought it was fan-made art at the beginning. It looks like Kyouka got captured and Erza plans on extracting revenge. I'd understand if some Erza fans got angry about this and wanted to see more angst/anger/sadness/realistic reactions, but the only answer I can give you is that she is Erza, she's not supposed to be an ordinary human. In fact, none in Fairy Tail is. But w/e ( ._.) I myself have overanalyzed and overdiscussed the torture scenes, so that's that. Also, dat cover!!! It looks so awesome! Especially Lucy and Erza! The others were meh >_>

As for the actual chapter, I did like that Erza, Natsu and Lisanna did what was natural and confronted Kyouka about where the 2 Strausss siblings are. However, I hated the fact that Lisanna of all people is heading to help Mira... most of us know she can't, at least with the abilities she's demonstrated, and it would be awful is she was used by a bad guy(see Asuma) as a way to reduce Mira's fighting capabilities. At least Natsu goes with her though, so I'm pretty sure they will be stopped by someone and have their own fight. Maybe Jackal? ;D Fire + Cat ears = Jackal after all. Still, him losing to Natsu and Lisanna is like hitting a new low, so no >_>

Kyouka then reveals to Erza that the last seal was erased, and BAM! the last chance of Kyouka staying a badass manipulating villain by lying to Erza and saying Jellal was dead was just thrown out of the window ( ._.) HOWEVER!!! one page later, I take that back, since Kyouka breaks her own shackles(they only seal Magic after all) and it looks like she told all this to Erza because dead tell no tales. Kyouka reveals that Demons follow Zeref because he loved them and as a result of writing his book, they were born. Kyouka then extends her nails and attacks Erza(who dodges) and the two keep fighting while their beliefs also clash.

Did I mention that Erza being able to fight like that is a stretch and doesn't make much sense? If not, I state it nao ( ._.) I don't like it. However, she's Erza so no matter what she always gotta fight and win one of the strong enemies. So, she requips to another armor and penetrates Kyouka with her huge spear.

Lolwut? Is it possible that Kyouka, who possibly is the Demons' leader, is THAT weak? I really hope there's more to her than meets the eye and not another Jackal is pulled by her... >___>

So, elsewhere, Gray fights a bunch of enemies, another guy tries to attack hug him from behind but Juvia water-kicks him away(annoying Gray once again, by the looks of it), Gajeel, Lucy and Wendy also fight, Makarov, Jet, Droy, Max, Macao and Cana try to fight while protecting the injured while Elfman is being annoying...just the usual stuff ( ._.) it looks like Levy, Romeo,Lily, Alzack and Bisca have their fair share of action too. Just when they're wondering how to get to an upper level, friggin'Erza breaks through the ground, creating a breach(thus the chapter's title! Bring it on, people complaining about irrelevant titles ;D) which is a very obvious and plot-convenient way to go inside, but w/e, I stopped caring about stuff like that a while ago.

Sooo...Natsu tells Lisanna to hurry to Mira while he holds off some fodder(my worries about Mira vs. Asuma #2 once again return) and the good part of the chapter; Zeref finally appears(apparently freezing time at the same time)! Not only that, he more or less states that Natsu is actually a Demon from his book! Also, that Tartarus is actually supposed to be just Zeref's bookshelf! Talk about a pretty good development. I think that we'll finally get to see Natsu's backstory, which is good. If Natsu is one of Zeref's book, a lot of things make sense but some others don't, so let's just wait and see what Mashima gives us. Judging from the title of next week's chapter (To Let Live or to Kill) it seems to me that it will be Zeref related.

So, other than the last page, I did not like this chapter ( ._.) too much plot convenience for me, not to mention inconsistency of character when it comes to Erza and maybe Kyouka as well. However, the last scene's redeeming, so I give it a meh score.

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So, Bleach sure was epic this week! Glad to see Rukia has achieved bankai. It looks amazing. As for Naruto, I just rolled my eyes through the entire chapter, but One Piece was also good(seeing Robin in action ftw!). What do you guys think? Comment away!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 372
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 5/10
Chapter 6/10

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