Cover 371

I love this guy

This week's cover is about the one and only BACCHUS, whose surname appears to be GLOW! Well, it suits him. He's way older than he looks, I'll give him that. Also, it's good to know that he trains more than ever after the disgrace of losing to Elfman. Well, nothing else is new about him, so moving on to the chapter...

We see all the townspeople worried about Fairy Tail, which is really nice, because I remember in the beginning of the series FT being treated as troublemakers. Even when they returned from the 7 year gap, they were hated by almost everyone >_> so it's nice to see they finally got some good reputation.

Sayla blushing and calling Kyouka as "-sama" was funny XD she is so manipulative that I didn't think she could act like this towards anyone. Well, she's sort of her lover so maybe it was to be expected. Anyways, after they are done plotting their little "erasing Magic so that Demons rule" plan, they are caught by surprise, because they sense 3 figures with huge Magical power. Those 3 figures, to my surprise, were none other than Happy, Carla and Lily! However, I must say that they look pretty damn cool! What they actually hold

This was such an awesome moment, because it made clear than the one who saved the day was Cana! As Elfman is about to strangle Cana, she traps him in a card(isn't that the same Magic Shô uses? Way to go, Cana!) and then says that a dark-skinned man told her beforehand...the only ones coming to my mind are Asuma(who Cana never met) and Tempesta, who is on Tartarus, so no idea who that is.

Anyway, Cana used a brilliant plan to save them all. She turned everyone into cards (the line "There are injured people and idiots too" cracked me up XD) and told Happy, Lily and Carla to take those decks of cards and fly to Tartarus! However, how did she survive? >_> the answer is...she uses some other cards as a flying Magical carpet, of course!!!

It's nice to see Tartarus be so much on edge just because of some puny wizards. Cana frees them all, and they proceed to attack! Meanwhile, Elfman begins crying and weeping, and Cana tells him to stand up and free his sisters. Meanwhile, back to Lamy, she daydreams about her favorite Demons when MIRA breaks free from her pod, explaining that she already has Demon particles in her. This was called by almost everyone, but I am damn glad I saw it happen. At the same time, Natsu and Lisanna(who looks awfully familiar to Jackal in that panel) trap Kyouka, and Erza kills Yakdoriga! Now FT is revived, and ready for a counterattack on Tartarus!

This chapter was awesome! FT's girls finally showed what they are made of(well, 3 of them) and I really like where this is going. I just hope that the fights aren't cheap this time ( ._.) Normally, I'd give this chapter a 10, but it gets a 9 because it was too much "Deux ex Cana"...don't get me wrong, I loved seeing her lead and take care of the situation like that, but I think I would like this WAY more if she had to sacrifice herself(or make it seem that way) to get everyone out of the guild. It would motivate FT way more to defeat the Tartarus bastards, not to mention that it would give a more dramatic tone to the chapter. But I don't think Fairy Tail would be the same without Cana, so it's all good ^_^

Btw, I still don't know why the chapter was called Song of the Heavenly Dragon...I'd just like to point that out ( ._.) also, did Cana just transfer the injured (Laxus and co) on Tartarus? If that was another manga I'd be worried, but now it most likely means they will get their fair share of fights too.

Did you like Cana saving the day?

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Which characters' fights are you most looking forward to?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 371
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 9/10

As for the other mangas, I think Naruto was okay, and Bleach was INCREDIBLE! What do you guys think?

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