This was a hell of a chapter! One of my favorites in a long time. And no, you got it wrong you idiots, it's not just because of Minerva ಠ_ಠ I enjoyed all the developments in this chapter, none excluded!

Let's begin, then! Beth Vanderwood is a nutricionist and loves carrots. That was to be expected, I guess. HOWEVER! the carrots she produces taste bad as fuck, so they are not really edible. She thought Milianna was younger than her. Yeah right, she is fully grown while you still look like you're in your early teens, bitch ( ._.) anyways, I found this card not so much interesting, but really hilarious :P

So, Face undigs itself above the ground and is as fugly as the last time it was mentioned. However, as Franmalth points out, someone should head to it since Kyouka was so fast in killing Crawford. Seriously, his power were so unique and awesome that it was a huge waste. He would make an awesome ally of Tartarus, despite his awful personality. Anyways, Kyouka seems to be a bit irritated or stressed, after a long time. Which is good to see, since she was the one responsible for Face not being able to be activated at the exact same moment the seal was broken.

Now, let's get to the awesome part. THE DEMONS!!! Tempesta looks like a real badass! For those of you who have played Kingdom Hearts, doesn't he really resemble this guy? Or is it just me? Anyways, the young Demon under Sayla's squad(is it safe to say that all 9DGs have their squad?) has an...interesting personality, switching between being goofy and fangirly to being serious. Her name is Lamy, which is fine, I guess ( ._.) the next revalation is what made the chapter for me though.

FRIGGIN' JACKAL IS STILL ALIVE AND IN ONE PIECE!!! You read right, folks. Lamy can apparently bring any Demon back to life once they're killed. That means that, despite being expendable, they are sort of immortal. Now Jackal has a grudge against Natsu, who happens to be in that same building...things will get really interesting!

Last but not least, MINERVA is also brought back! Despite Lamy saying she cound't care less about women, Minerva's appearance is really interesting and intriguing. She doesn't really have any Demon parts, other than her previously pretty hands which have turned into claws. Oh, also the buns on her head have turned to some weird horns(or it could still be just hair). Her new, more revealing but at the same time mysterious and badass outfit is really nice to see, and I'm so glad Mashima didn't turn her into any of those ugly things this guy mentioned. Jackal seems pretty interested in her, but it looks like Tempesta couldn't care less.

Meanwhile, Lamy says that she will turn Mira ugly, due to jealousy. Double standards much? ಠ_ಠ Minerva looks awesome, Mira deserves that too! I guess that this proves yet again that Mira wan't be demonified, since a large fanbase adores both her and her appearance, and it would be a shame to lose the second part. Back to Fairy Tail, I am enthrilled to see MOTHER FUCKIN' CANA ALBERONA suspect Elfman, who is after all going to blow up the guild. She starts questioning him but he attacks her and pins her down, while the bomb is about to go off.

At the same time, Levy pinpoints Tartarus' location and it looks like it's just above Fairy Tail! Just when they decide that they will settle this with Tartarus, the Lacrima goes off, apparently annihilating the entire guild.

So, this chapter was a blast! It was a great epilogue for Tartarus-Part 1. Not only is the cliffhanger amazing(we all know that those guys will probably all survive, but Mashima need to get tricky to not use bullshit logic while keeping them alive), the Demons haven't even lost 1 of their numbers(on the contrary, they've increased by 1), Jellal and OS have made an alliance, Fairy Tail has been destroyed, Natsu and Lisanna are in prison, Erza is a prisoner who has gone through a hell of a torture and Mira is about to be Demonified. How will the Fairies get out of this alive? This is what the next chapter, Song of the Heavenly Dragon will answer.

So, let's predict! I think Wendy will SOMEHOW have to deal with FT being alive and well. Not only judging from the chapter title, but also from the fact that Mashima mentioned working a lot with Wendy lately. Which is awesome. If it was not Wendy, it would have to be Makarov or Mavis to protect the guild with Fairy Sphere again, which would get repetitive. Alternatively, Lucy could somehow transport everyone to the CS world, but been there, done that. So how will Wendy be involved(if at all) in saving everyone? I guess we'll only have to find that out.

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 369
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Chapter 100/10

So, all this week's chapters were pretty amazing, so it was a great week for manga. Sakura and Karin were pretty awesome in Naruto, Rukia was more than awesome in Bleach(although I wanted to see a Bankai D:) and Sabo was just so badass in One Piece! I cannot wait for next week! What do you guys think? Post on the coments below!

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