This week's cover is about none other than Risley Law! This girl that likes her guild(you don't say?) and hates high heels(the feelings are mutual) is unmarried(no surprise here) and also stays in her plump form by choice!!! That's all you need to know about her ( ._.) moving on..

Poor Meredy cries with Jellal's apparent death, and not even a trace is left behind. However, this reveals itself to be a nightmare caused by Midnight, which Jellal breaks. Really, Mashima??? Of all the awesome theories about Jellal not dying, did you really choose to troll us with such a weak move? I'm disappointed ( ._.) it's just like what you did with Laxus vs. Alexei in the GMG arc, first having Laxus be owned and then revealing it to be an illusion.

Anyways...looks like Jellal crushed his own eyes to escape(now he'll have another common thing with Erza, both lacking at least 1 eye) and then proceeds to attack the OS members with Grand Chariot. He then makes the OS his bitches by casting the long-awaited spell SEMA on them, which is, according to Midnight, "True Heavenly Body Magic". The spell's effects are awesome, but I always expected it more... epic. Like, huge meteors or maybe the sky itself falling down and crushing the enemies, or a natural disaster...I dunno what I expected to be honest, but what seems like a natural meteor falling down just doesn't cut it from me.

Midnight then acts like a retard and asks Jellal to kill him, and Angel is even more retarded by asking him if they'll go back to prison again, despite him repeating for more than 3 times that he intends to set them free. He then tells them to join his guild, Crime Sorciere, and help him defeat Zeref, promising them that their prayers will be answered. In the last panel, he also opens his eyes... did he not lose his eyesight after all? ( ._.)

Anyway, time for a second bullshit move. Crawford Seam managed to steal Jellal's key using his Super Archive, which means he can transfer it to any other person, kill him and break the seal. There are various reasons that this move is bullshit, but I'll only state the obvious: Why would Kyouka go to such a degree to learn Jellal's whereabouts, since she knew Crawford is their ally and could do something much, much simpler? Is she searching for Jellal for another reason after all? I doubt it.

It was easy to call what would happen in the next panel. Kyouka appears and stabs the ex-Chairman from behind, erasing the last seal. According to Kyouka, this caused "Even Cube" to be activated. Lisanna then cries her siblings' names, while Elfman activates the "bomb" given to him by Sayla.

So...once again, I'll state that I like where the arc is going, but not the way it is heading there. My 2 biggest complains consist of the way Jellal was revealed to be alive(don't get me wrong, I wanted him to live, but not it being a result of breaking an illusion) and Crawford simply stealing Jellal's seal. However, I did like Crawford's death. I'm looking forward to see how the guild will be saved now, so I say hurry up, next week!

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So, although FT may not have been my favorite this week, I think Bleach and One Piece were simply awesome! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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