What a chapter! It was probably one of the darkest ones yet. I like very much where the arc is going right now and I hope it stays true to the way it's been built up so far.

The cover is about Araña who, much to everyone's surprise, hates spiders. Okay, nothing else to comment on here ( ._.)

So... back to Fairy Tail, Elfman acts normal and no one seems to notice the difference in his eyes' color(maybe there's not supposed to be any change though). I found it really satisfying that Cana is the only one smart enough to question how Anti-Elfman it was for Elfman to return to FT without even pursuing Lisanna. Nice going there, Cana. I hope you are the one to stop Elfman as well. From what? But from obliterating Fairy Tail of course! Sayla told him to place an item that will destroy FT in return for his sister, and that's exactly what Elfman is going to do.

The question is, what would he do if Mira happened to be back inside the guild as well?

Anyways, other than Cana being awesome, we also saw naked! Natsu and Lisanna trying to free themselves. Silver then comes in and throws a blanket on Lisanna. How gentlemanly of him. He then says that "Natsu, of all people" happened to be there... adding that to the fact that he despises the name "Gray", the most plausible theory to me so far is that Silver is in fact Gray from the future. It makes sense; he knows Natsu, he is sympathetic, he smells like Gray, he uses Ice Magic, he hates the name Gray(perhaps due to doing something bad he hates himself about). Let's wait and see though.

The scenes with the torture of Erza were really hard to watch. I just felt like skipping the page because I felt they were so...twisted. However, I applaud Mashima for this, it's not like him to turn something so cheerful as FT to something so bad.

As for the finale, Jellal says he'll defeat OS BUT!!! Zero strikes him down! Meredy runs toward him and he tells her "Run Meredy, we'll..." but he doesn't finish his sentence before Zero lands a decisive hit.

Let me say that I do not think Jellal's dead. What I think is:

Crawford teleported Jellal to Tartarus HQ before Zero landed the last hit. His last line (I did more than just find him) makes it seem all the more possible to me. This way, Jellal will be the hero to save Erza (yay Jerza fans!), somehow lose his seal, and at the same time set Natsu and Lisanna free. So yeah, this is my theory about Jellal.)

All in all, this chapter was a masterpiece, at least for me. You guys may share my opinion or may not, but I'm looking forward to your opinions!

Is Jellal dead?

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Who is Silver?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 368
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 10/10

So, Naruto was pretty cool as well! Bleach...I can't even remember it, and One Piece was awesome! All in all, good week for all mangas. What do you think? Comment away!

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