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Where's Minerva tho

Hey everyone, I've an announcement to make...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This is the last review of the year done by me. Starting by the next issue of Fairy Tail in 2014, my reviews will be posted late on Friday and sometimes may not be posted at all, due to my uni work and exams piling up, which will keep me busy. So bear with me in one of the last, at least for a while, early reviews of the manga!

So... chapter 365 was... weird. It had its ups, and it also had its downs. But let's get down to business. Natsu sniffs out the location that Erza and Mira went to, and more or less figures everything out about the betrayal of the ex Council member. He then burns the herbs and says that a Dragon's nose shouldn't be underestimated. Normally I'd find that panel really cool, but Natsu has had more than his fair share of action lately, so I just wish he'd just stay down for a while >_>

Now to the weird part. Fairy Tail almost becomes a hentai manga when Erza is chained up completely naked(for no apparent reason) and Kyouka, who I am almost certain is a lesbian, keeping naked hot girls in her room all the time, asks Erza to tell her where Jellal is. Looks like the theory Carrot read about Erza and Mira knowing of the ex-president's betrayal is false, since Erza acts all surprised. Anyway... Kyouka is also holding Mira captive in a similar state like Minerva, and is turning her into an obedient slave. Does that mean that Mira will become a Demon? ಠ_ಠ Wasn't she already one to begin with? Maybe she'll have her Satan Soul form at all times, who knows? I know I don't. Anyway...

Elsewhere, Jellal is a total badass, wiping out the OS members attacking him one by one, and calling them by their real names(and as a side effect, Carrot's Jellal fangirling reaches a totally new level). Angel's name is Sorano(most of us had already called this since #303 anyway, so no surprise here), Hoteye's name is Richard, Midnight's name is Macbeth, Racer's name is Sawyer(Lost, anyone? >_>) and Cobra's name is, as we all know, Eric. I must say that the OS members are all really interesting so far(all minus Racer, at least). I really like Macbeth's calm and collected personality and how he doesn't wish to lose his freedom again. Sorano looks cool too, but her mini-angels do not look as menacing as Barakiel or her other Angels from the filler arc. Anyways, one by one the OS members are convinced to follow Jellal as their leader. Sadly, Meredy did not get her chance to shine again, but it's a big arc so we can still hope.

Back to Hentai, Erza is tortured by Kyouka to reveal Jellal's whereabouts. Let me say right here that Mashima crossed the line, at least when it comes to my taste. Naked bondage and torturing? Sorry dude, you overdid it. Everyone likes some ecchi now and then, but that was too far. Many of you guys may disagree, but that's just me. Anyway, Kyouka then presents Erza with a dilemma; tell her where Jellal is, and Mira will be freed. However, Erza doesn't know where he is(or so she says) so Kyouka says she'll have some fun with her.

Meanwhile, the two most utterly despicable, sorry excuses of pieces of crap, Flan Mars and the ex Council member have a talk and say that Erza must die so that he isn't suspected. Suddenly though Natsu comes rushing and beats down the ex Council member.

So, all in all, a very dark chapter, perhaps the darkest yet in Fairy Tail. It deals with themes unknown to this manga. The OS and Jellal part was ok, the Erza and Kyouka part not so much. What I wish for right now is Natsu getting beaten and captured. Then the other Fairy Tail members will have an extra reason to fight, and they'll also have a chance to show their own strengths, since Natsu and Erza won't be there to steal the show from them.

Finally, a moment of silence for the 3 Strauss siblings, who have got utterly trolled in this arc so far >_> please Mashima, don't make Elfman a Tartarus spy though...

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So, this week's chapters were pretty good! I loved One Piece, Bleach was alright, Naruto was meh, and Fairy Tail was very good. What do you people think?

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