Cover 362

The highlight of the chapter, according to Carrot

How's it going people??? ;D Haven't seen some of you in ages ( ._.) must be because I made no review last week. Anyway, I promised myself to not get pissed no matter what this chapter brings us and make a damn review, so here I am. This chapter's cover is about Jenny. is it just me, or does she look more fat curvy than usual? Anywayz, we learn that her main form of Magic is called Take Over: Machina Soul, and I couldn't help but be reminded by Rikku from FFX/FFX-2. Any of you FFgamers out there will get it as well. Her Magic description sounds awesome and I'm disappointed that it was wasted on her ( ._.) also, we learn that she is a slut daring Mage, as she not only did the nude photoshoots, but also enjoyed them. I suspect next week we'll see Mermaid Heel, so Mega better prepare himself.

So... Natsu keeps coming back after Jackal makes various body parts of him explode, and that pisses Jackal(and apparently Carrot and many of the latter's fans >_>) off. Then Jackal is mad and unleashes his Demonic form, which looks kinda cool ;D it then proceeds to attack Natsu(and destroying a part of the town) which in turn makes Natsu mad. He says that he is fighting for the sake of the injured(which made my eyes twitch ( .____.) ) and then...then Natsu unlocks his LFD Mode with a cliche catchphrase similar to "LAXUS, LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH!!!", and ONE-SHOTS JACKAL! Natsu almost faints as well though. The Fairy Tail Mages celebrate their victory, but they are too quick. Jackal pulls a Deidara stunt and attempts to take the whole town with him, as he attempts suicide. However, Happy pulls a Pell(One Piece, Arabasta arc) and tries to take Jackal far away to save the town.

Then, Happy explodes along with the guy. That's right. I thought this was a turning point for the chapter(seeing Carla's reaction was heartbreaking to be honest) but guess what! Happy also pulled a Natsu and survived >_>

So, I did not expect very much to be honest. However, I was biased to begin with because Natsu's fights are usually lame. But it's not only the fight which I did not like, but also some wrong things when it comes to logic. My thoughts about the chapter are:

  • Jackal was confident that he would take the whole town with him, but he couldn't even kill Happy? That was disappointing. I mean, I like Happy, but it just doesn't make sense >_>
  • The 9 Demon Gates are lame and weak so far. I thought that one 9DG member would probably need at least 2 or 3 powerful opponents to be defeated, but I was wrong. They are lame in the fight, and they only pose a threat when they are about to die. I really, really hope the other 7 members are stronger than Tempesta and Jackal.
  • On the other hand, Natsu defeated Jackal with his LDF mode, which is better than his victory against Sting and Rogue, I guess.
  • Next chapter is called "The Demon Notebook" so I think we'll just have Michello explaining the reason Tartarus is after the council. Perhaps they have one of the Books of Zeref that Tartarus wants back? I guess we'll find out soon.
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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 362
Art 10/10
Story 4/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 5/10

So, what did you guys think about Naruto this week? Tbh I wanted Obito to succeed in bringing back those guys he killed, because Konan >_> as for Bleach, I kind of didn't like the turn it took, but it's alright I guess. What do you think?

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