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So, this week's cover is about Ren Akatsuki, something that we were all aware of at least 3 weeks earlier. We learn nothing new about him, other than the fact that his romance with Sherry is short of Romeo and Juliet-like. I need to comment on anything more? >_> On to the chapter!

So, Jackal(or is it Jaguar? I prefer it tbh) begins his fight against Natsu. Carla is smart enough to realize that he is the one who attacked the Council, and Wendy and Lucy plan to leave along with Michello (something which I would hate to see, because Natsu defeating Jackal all by himself would suck) but thankfully, Jackal demonstrates his strength by destroying all the buildings in town, leaving Michello nowhere to hide. Jackal then attacks Natsu, but Natsu, of course, eats the explosion and punches Jackal right in the face. Natsu then keeps on wiping the floor with Jackal, disappointing the latter's fans everywhere.

On a more interesting note, Michello suspects that the reason for Tartarus attacking former Council members is Faith, and then mentions that they shouldn't have known about the White Inheritance. Jackal gets up again and tells Michello that if he tells him everything, he will be spared a horrible death, but Michello just orders Natsu to finish him off.

Jackal Places his Curse on Natsu

The highlight of this chapter

Then, much to my surprise and delight, Jackal says that his "Curse"(I suspect all 9 Demon Gates have one) attaches a bomb to the person that touches him, with that being Natsu. Then Natsu goes boom, losing consciousness and getting KO'ed. And that's when the chapter ends.

It was a kinda-good chapter. I liked that Natsu lost, but I didn't like that it was so easy for him to beat up Jackal, even for a little while. As for how they'll beat him, I suspect(and want) Lucy will play a very big part in this, as she can easily attack him with her Spirits and send them back to the CSW, before he can hurt them with his bombs. Maybe help will arrive as well. Let's just wait and see :)

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 360
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Chapter 8/10

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