This time, the cover is about Sherry Blendymuch to Mega's dissatisfaction, a Mage that no one cares about at all. Hell, she is even forgotten when people talk about hot Fairy Tail girls >_> Anyway, we learn nothing new about her, other than the fact that she dislikes water...does that mean that she is...a dirty girl? dum dum tssss!

Yeah, that's the best I could do ( ._.) anyways, on to the chapter! We learn more about our new enemies, the Nine Demon Gates.

  • Franmalth, the armored shell: This guy reminds me of a digimon, Guardromon. Look it up, they are identical, minus the huge grin upon this guy's face ( ._.) he doesn't look that interesting either. However, I think he is the one that somehow summoned the Cyclops Winged Creature, and I think that's his Magic; summoning lower-class Demons. Maybe Lucy + Yukino will defeat him, summoning Celestial Spirits to fight the Demons. But that's all speculation for the time being. He also seems like a comic relief guy, so he may offer us some funny moments too, like Kain Hikaru.
  • Torafusa of the Darkness: This lizard-like guy seems an all-around serious person...eeer, Demon, who cares about his honor and dignity. In fact, he is too serious. I think possible opponents for him are Kagura and Erza together, or maybe Jellal and Erza and Milianna and Kagura and Meredy. I cannot suspect anything about his Magic.
  • Ezel of the Doujigiri: The looks of this guy scream "Elfman", no matter how you look at him. Loud and in a foul mood, he just want to destroy stuff and doesn't care for petty things like dignity, according to him. He doesn't look like a swordsmaster, but his name involves a type of weapon. Maybe he will fight Elfman + Gajeel(because Gajeel can eat swords, right?). He is an interesting one.
  • Ryougetsuten Seira: Finally, a good-looking lady among the ranks. Seira is serious, polite and focused. She is very interesting as well. Although I can guess nothing about her Magic, I suspect that she is really, really strong. Maybe the Take Over siblings will take her on. With some help from Bacchus. All in all my favorite Demon for now. Plus, she's hot.
  • Reiseiten Kyouka: We already know Kyouka. Boooring D:
  • Black Monk Ki-Su: Forget what I said about Bacchus, this is the opponent for him! This guy is supposed to be a Black Monk. He is all in all very serious, and is probably one of the strongest people among the ranks of Tartarus. Calm, collected and serious, it looks like he is just a bunch of bones, but I would not underestimate him. I am looking forward to see him in a fight.
  • Sivler of Absolute Zero: We already know Silver as well.
  • Jackal: We already know him too.

So, those new, interesting and strong-looking characters take part in a Demon worshipping ritual. Meanwhile, but at the Restaurant of Yajima, which we haven't seen since the beginning of the OS arc, we see Freed being even more gay than possible, cooking in a weird hairstyle >_> seriously Mashima, could Freed be more gay? I'm still seeing Yajima though so I don't complain. Anyway, the Lightning God Tribe discuss the recent bombing of the council. Apparently, there are 119 dead and wounded,so I guess Jackal didn't kill them all. I bet Lahar is alive. Evergreen soon appears in her sexy waitress outfit, and Freed is even more gay by agreeing with Bickslow when the latter says she looks bad in that. We then have some useless scenes of the LGT describing what everyone is good at.

When finally, someone saves us from those useless pages. This someone is probably Tempesta...and as I thought, she, or rather he, is fugly >_> he is not even a girl! Still, with a Tornado of some sort, he destroyed Yajima's restaurant. However, Yajima is alive and well, much like the LGT, who try to protect Yajima but are owned in a single attack. Apparently, Tempesta can also talk, because he said the word "impudent". After Bickslow and Freed fail, Evergreen attempts to defeat Tempesta and protect Yajima, but of course she failed as well.

The Demon then grabs Yajima by the neck and attempts to kill him. For some reason, Tartarus' objective requires the death of not only the current, but also the former Council Members. This is all unimportant though, because Laxus arrives in a Zoro kind of moment to save the day! Lightning versus Whirlwind. This is going to be an epic fight! After getting this epic Laxus moment, the chapter ends, much to our(and Ald's) dissatisfaction.

It was cool though! We got introduced to all our Demons, who are all interesting. I hope they get the fights they deserve and don't get trolled.

Who's your favorite Demon for now?

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Who will win? Laxus + LGT or Calamity?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 357
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 9/10

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