First of all, the cover! What a nice piece of art. Everyone's dressed in armor, although Natsu and Lucy's armors kind of defeat the purpose of having one. Anyways, on to the chapter!

Cover 356

Knights of the Round, Fairy Tail style

The chapter begins with Silver, who has reached the Tartarus headquarters. But this plot is abandoned temporarily and switches to the Magic Council, where everyone is bored out of their effin minds so they still discuss about the GMG, which the fans still try to forget. Bolty and his boyfriend trusted friend Lahar are there too. Those pages were boring and there's not much to say, other than the fact that Org is the only one to suspect that Tartarus destroyed the other Dark Guilds of the alliance.

However, the boring pages are over when suddenly an explosion takes place, annihilating the Magic Council completely. Bolty lives, but is perhaps the only to do so. Org looks alive and well for a moment, but then a Mysterious Dog Person, who could be Milianna's rival, Tobi's brother or even Gecko Moria's pet, arrives and kills him. Apparently the name is Jackal, and -guess what!- he is another one of the Nine Demon Gates. Org tells Doranbolt to survive, very similar to the way that Saul told Nico Robin to live in One Piece. Is it just me who thought of that when I saw that scene? ( ._.) W/e.

Back to something more cheerful. At Fairy Tail, the Mages have returned back from the mission and we get a look of how it used to be before the Tenrou Island arc. Makarov's reaction when Kinana says that Sting's the master of ST was pretty funny. Meanwhile, Juvia still hasn't learned her lesson and keeps wanting Gray to eat her Juvi-bread, if you know what I mean ( ._.) but he still refuses to do so, so Juvia fails.

Anyways, Natsu, Lucy and others investigate on E.N.D., and for now the most popular opinion is that it's Zeref's most powerful Demon. I think it is Acnologia, but for now I'm keeping it to myself. At the same time, it looks like the Book of Zeref is not one, but many, because Carla said that it's one book per demon. And around that time Jet rushes in and announces the terrible news.

Bolty visits Cobra, who demands that all 6 OS are set free. I would love to see that happen in manga form, but in the anime I think I'm going to get sick of seeing those guys >_> though they'll probably be more useful than ever now. Anyways, Bolty threatens him, so Cobra decides to tell him something.

Nine Demon Gates

Yup, pretty much your next door villains.

So, back to where we left the chapter at the beginning, Silver meets up with Kyouka(who has an army of sort behind her) and the two discuss about Jackal and Tempesta(how cool! I already like the name, and I imagine a female Fire Mage) not being there yet. We then get a glimpse at the other 9 Demon Gates and, needless to say, none of them is entirely human. Heck, the horned chick is probably the most human of them all, since Silver has a non-human form. the last page, Cobra more or less confirms my thoughts about none of them being human ( ._.) talk about me being in Mashima's mind or something.

I must admit that I liked the chapter. We had major developments, and the enemies all look really promising. I am expecting some major hell to break loose and many characters to die, cities to get destroyed e.t.c., and if Team Natsu manages to defeat E.N.D. the same way they defeated Hades, I'll be seriously pissed >____>

Meanwhile, I also liked that Giemma was not forgotten. Won't it be an epic twist if he is E.N.D. after all? <_< I know it will!

Who is E.N.D.?

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Tartarus arc looks promising to me. What about you?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 356
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
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Chapter 9/10

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