This review is pretty late. Actually it's so late that I did not have to do it, but decided to do it anyway because I don't want people saying I'm too bored to do it >_>

So yeah, review time! The cover was about Yuuka. ( ._.) so he was in Lamia Scale to begin with, left for teh lulz and then returned again. Also, eyebrows. Okay. *skips page*

The rest of the chapter can be summarized in one word:


That's right, fans of Walrod Kcen, you can rejoice, because you can finally enjoy him naked >:D

That was the weird part of the chapter. Along with naked Carla, because it's the first time seeing her like that. We also enjoyed Erza's ass and boobs, Lucy's boobs, and Wendy's boobs-no wait, the last one doesn't have any.

Well, the only part worth mentioning is probably the last part of the chapter, where Walrod mentions that Tartarus worships Demons in their rituals, and that the Book of Zeref probably belongs to this guild. And...that's it ( ._.) chapter analysis over!

I did not like this chapter. I've been used to Mashima's fanservice, but this chapter was just bad. Only 3 pages contributed to the plot, and I think that for another time, Mashima ended the arc far too quickly-he didn't even bother having his heroes saying goodbye to Flare and the villagers. However, I'll let it pass because this chapter is probably the calm before the storm we are all waiting for.

Are you looking forward to the next arc?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 355
Art 10/10
Story 4/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 5/10

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