Cover 354

Don't be confused, that thing's human!

So, in this cover we discuss none other than Toby Horhorta! Apparently his Magic is called "Paralysis Claw Mega Jellyfish". And I thought Minato's attacks from Naruto sounded lame. Anyways, apparently we are supposed to believe that he is one of Lamia Scale's most skilled Mages, but I'm not buying it. At all ಠ_ಠ

This chapter begins with the typical PARTE-Y!!! after an arc, with Natsu and his friends eating, drinking and laughing with the giants. This arc was not very big or very serious, so I could do without it. The good thing is, we get some new info. It looks like the reasons behind the Sun Village getting frozen are much deeper than "Silver mistook Atlas Flame for a Demon", because, as Gray pointed out, the two Dark Guilds should be on friendly terms.

On another note, Flare boohoo's over leaving her village and Lucy tries to cheer her up to no avail. Still, the giants seem to have forgiven her for running away(along with Natsu and Fairy Tail, of course). Flare cries in happiness, and this would be a very emotional moment had Mashima not focused on her huge boobs ( .__.) Anywayz, we get a short ominous narrative by Lucy, similar to the ones given to us by Future Levy in the previous arc. It ends with Minerva going back at her guild and finding out it has been massacred. A feminine figure appears behind her but in fact it's more like a Harpy. Her name is Kyouka and she is another one from the 9 Demon Gates of Tartaros!

Although the new characters so far are all amazing, I have to say that I am slightly disappointed in the direction Minerva is headed >_> we've had the whole tempted-by-darkness-and-given-power-but-beaten-by-emotions so many times in the past. I hope she stays true to her word and is the one to control the darkness rather than the other way around.

So, all in all, a pretty nice ending chapter for this arc, as well as setup chapter for the next one. I must admit that the new characters look really interesting and the series has regained much of the interest it lost during the GMG arc. I can't wait for the next chapters!

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 354
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Chapter 9/10

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