I know, I know, I said no review, but since I found it a pretty good chapter, I changed my mind and said "hey, why not ( ._.)"

Sooo I'm gonna make a mini-review. The cover is pretty interesting, and it looks like *spoiler alert* Gran Doma is female? σ_σ Meh, that translation was complete fail.

Anywayz, where did we stop last time? Oh right, Atlas Flame appears. As predicted, he is not alive, but merely a spirit brought by Wendy's Milky Way. Looks like his memory is a bit messed up because of all that ice. A single man alone froze the village, mistaking Atlas Flame for a demon. He was...

A DEVIL SLAYER!!! They were bound to appear, deal with it. Now Gray's battle makes almost perfect sense. The Devil Slayer's Magic ice was able to land damage on Doriate.

Moreover, Flare begs Atlas Flame to light the village's flame anew, which was a nice moment. Atlas gets his memory back and is able to light up the Eternal Flame despite being a spirit now. The moment that Lucy asks Gray to cool her down was pretty funny XD

So, Atlas Flame turns everything back to normal, but not before saying that 400 years ago, Zeref used a sinister spell called "E.N.D." that destroyed everything, and that Igneel was not able to stop.

So yeah, the Giants turn back to normal, we get some sexy super mega awesome disappointed Minerva looks. Erza warns her about the dark path she is taking, but Minerva says she will not succumb to the darkness, instead she will RULE the darkness! This speech was pretty epic, so I hope we get more of her REALLY, REALLY soon!

The most epic part of this epic chapter was the end though. Silver, the Ice Devil Slayer, is a part of the Tartarus Dark Guild!!! Wait, what??? I don't even....

Anyways, the plot is thickening too much, the chapter was excellent, and I'm a bit sad to not be here early enough to participate in more discussions about this epic chapter. This arc is over, as I predicted, but shit will definitely go down very soon!

Edit: So, Minerva, who wants to join Tartarus in the near future, has a Demon for an ally, named Doriate. However, the guild she wants to join has a Devil Slayer, who kills Demons. Does this seem legit?

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