This chapter was pretty good! Let's start with the cover. This one features Jura, and not much is revealed about him, BUT we learn that Laxus was considered to become a Wizard Saint, but this did not happen because of his attitude. Makes sense to me, although it would be awesome to see him as a Wizard Saint. He would be the high-ranked laid-back guy, similar to Aokiji during his time as an admiral.

Anyways, let's get on with the review! Everyone still dafuqs over the Eternal Flame vanishing, especially Flare and Gray, who becomes slightly emo. I think Carla was right though, the flame had probably vanished long before. For some reason, only Wendy notices that a small flame is still there, and Natsu can help it grow.

Then Natsu is his usual Natsu self and says he will restore it, but the Ahriman-Chaos-Raven-Cyclops-call it what you want creature strikes back and hits him with its tail. Much to our surprise, this thing can even fire lazers from its eye and goes on a rampage!!! Yes, that's right! We got an overpowered weird creature afiliated to the underworld over there.

Meanwhile, Lucy keeps repeating the same line again and again(much to our surprise,it is "Natsu!") and Natsu manages to attack with his breath attack before dat thing destroys any of the giants. The rest of the fight is kinda boring for me to describe, so let's just say that Natsu beats the crap outta the creature. If there's something worth commenting about the fight, that is:
The Flame Appears

Dat chapter ending!

  • The marvelous Minerva panel we got
  • Natsu's hidden technique, which admittedly looks really awesome! I don't remember if it has ever been used again but Mashima drew it really well.

Anyhow, the thing is roasted, and Natsu, Wendy and co. finally see the true form of the Eternal Flame, which is...

*epic drumroll*


Good job for all of you who were able to guess it, you were 100% accurate!

That was this week's chapter. Pretty good for Fairy Tail standards. Judging from the next chapter's title "The Dark Magic's Purification", I think that this short arc is drawing to a close, and that the Giants will soon be revived. Let's see how this goes!

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Meanwhile, let's mini-review this week's other manga. Bleach was pretty awesome and if there's something Kubo is good at, that's the way he plans his fights. Naruto was pretty good too, since Ino was in it, and also because everyone finally got in Naruto's shoes. One Piece was on a break, so no comment about it.

That's all for this week! Don't forget to check this week's abridged chapter, made by the whore himself! Feel free to vote & comment!

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